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8 week lead time for fabrication, powder coating and packaging. Small, accessory orders ship faster.  Shipping time varies based upon where your property is located in the United States. 100% Made in the USA. A detailed, itemized order receipt is emailed to you within about 1 minute after you place your order. If you don’t see your emailed receipt, check your junk mail or spam folder.

It is your responsibility to read your receipt for accuracy.  Buyer agrees that GreatFence.com, Inc. is not liable for any delay caused by events of force majeure or by government interference such as city, state or federal shutdown. Stainless steel, powder coated screws are automatically included with fence and post orders.   All single gate widths,double gate widths and estate gate widths include the spacing for hinges and lock.  We had a major design change to our fence panels and gates in August  2010.  None of our current products will match those purchased on or prior to that date. If using the Fence Planner, buyer agrees that this is only a guide and that it is buyer’s responsibility to review the list of items in his/her order prior to purchase. GreatFence.com is not responsible for any order placed via the online Fence Planner.

            The factory is closed on all National holidays therefore shipping is increased by 1 – 2 business days.  Since our fiscal year ends September 30th and we are required to shut down for four days at the beginning of October, orders placed at this time will also have an increased shipping time.  Custom orders such as large estate gates, deck railing, industrial security fencing/gates, welded plated posts, gate lock boxes, custom sizing, or powder-coating in: White, Hunter Green, Khaki, Silver and Sandstone will require additional time for fabrication depending on the time of year the order is placed (spring and summer being the busiest) and based upon the size of the order.  For very large, commercial / industrial orders you should anticipate at lteast 1 additional week of fabrication time. We will notify you by email on the day your order ships. This “shipment notification email” will include your tracking number, the name of the carrier and instructions on scheduling your freight deliveries. UPS / Fedex shipments of small orders will only contain your tracking info.

When your order is delivered, buyer must notate any visible damage (on the boxes in the shipment) on the delivery receipt. Damage is rare; however, if product damage is discovered after delivery, contact our Support Team at: support@greatfence.com and GreatFence will file a claim and fabricate and ship replacement products. Buyer agrees that GreatFence.com cannot replace any damaged items if, on the day of delivery, no notation on the delivery receipt was made by customer.

All fence panels, posts and gates are “Made to order” and will be fabricated according to your order receipt and therefore non-refundable. All products once purchased are the sole property of you the customer. We do not stock any fence panels or gates; they are all made-to-order. Gate Posts are not included with any gate purchase; gate posts sold separately.  We ship to any home, business, job site or shipping port / freight forwarder in the continental United States. We do not ship to Post Office Boxes. If your delivery location is on a narrow or dead- end street, the freight company may not be able to deliver.  Instead, you may have to arrange a pick up at their nearest, local freight terminal.  In rare situations, if you must cancel an order, you must provide us written notice within 1 business day from the day that you placed your order and it must be approved in writing by a greatfence.com, representative. A $25.00 administrative fee will be assessed on all cancelled orders. Once an order is placed, if additional material is needed, you must place a new order.  Orders cannot be combined because it disrupts the factory, workflow, scheduling and fabrication process. It also opens up the possibility of making a mistake on your order. If you need additional material, you must place a new order. Furthermore, orders cannot be picked up at the factory for the same reason.  You will receive a Shipment Notification by Email once your order leaves our factory.   

The freight carrier will contact you for your delivery appointment.   NOTE:  all UPS / Fedex Ground shipments will be delivered to you without a scheduled appointment. For freight deliveries, other than Fed-ex / UPS ground shipments, the truck drivers are not required to unload your materials. This is standard practice with the fencing delivery haulers.  Therefore, it is imperative that you have at least two people onsite capable of handling the unloading. Panels are typically packaged 5 – 9 per box.  Gates are packaged individually.  Posts are typically packaged 9 to 10 per box.  Orders comprised of Six or more fence panels are shipped fully assembled.  Orders comprised of five or less panels are shipped unassembled. This is done to allow the customer to take advantage of lower shipping costs on smaller orders.  However, if you include anything else in smaller orders (like a large gate, double swing gate, posts longer than 8 feet…etc.), then the entire order will ship LTL Freight irrespective of having 5 or less fence panels in your order. You must contact us within one business day after you place your orer to change the SHIP TO address.  Verbal communications are non-binding. Any refusal to schedule a delivery date or refusal to accept your delivery will result in accruing storage fees which are your responsibility.  Freight terminals are very limited in the amount of time they can store shipments. Long delays could result in disposal of your property which would be a total loss to you. Once we schedule an order for build, it cannot be cancelled or changed without the express written consent of a GreatFence.com. Verbal communications are non-binding. Once we have begun to build an order, it cannot be changed or cancelled and is owned by you, the buyer / customer. Lifetime warranty on structural integrity and the powder coat finish which is guaranteed not to crack, peel, blister or rust. All fence panels, posts and gates are 100% Made in the USA. Designed for do-it-yourself installation; installation instructions are available online.

Gate Widths are not actual. Gate widths include the spacing for the hinges and the lock and these dimensions are deducted at the factory when your gate is built, based upon the hinges and lock you choose. Gate widths never include spacing for Gate Posts. Buyer agrees that if they have ordered a Custom Width Gate that they have reviewed their custom measurement for that gate. Buyer agrees that they have reviewed all information on our website that pertains to custom width gates. Bending Aluminum for the sunburst arch and the estate gate arch is not an exact science; therefore the arch height can vary slightly.

            Damages are rare but they do happen sometimes. Any damages to shipment must be noted at time of delivery so that we can rightly assume any damage that occurred was the fault of the freight carrier  It’s your responsibility to note any damages on the delivery receipt.  Don’t forget to note any visible damage to the packaging.  Do not sign unless this is done. Failure to do this will allow carrier to deny any claims. Keep all damaged parts and packaging to substantiate claims. Notify GreatFence Customer Support as soon as possible.  (support@greatfence.com).   It is your responsibility to take a complete inventory of our shipment within 7 days of delivery.  We are not responsible for missing items in your shipment if you, personally, were not present at the time of delivery. We are not responsible for items left unattended or left with a 3rd party. Customer agrees to not schedule any 3rd party installer until after customer’s order has been delivered and inventoried by customer. Customer further agrees and acknowledges that GreatFence.com, Inc. is not responsible for any shipping delays, missed deliveries or even late deliveries. Finally, customer agrees that GreatFence.com, Inc. will not refund any shipping fee based upon missed or delayed deliveries. The best practice is to always schedule any 3rd party installer after the order has been delivered and fully inventoried by customer. Production lead times promulgated on our website can vary by several days and transit times can differ based upon the route and destination.  Customer agrees that GreatFence.com is not responsible for lead time, shipping time or carrier transit time variations for any reason including forced government lockdowns, acts of God, force majeure or any type of customer scheduling conflicts with the shipping carrier.

We recommend that you do not dig all the holes for posts before installation. These should be dug as each panel is installed.  See: installation manual, online, at htt://www.greatfence.com.  For customers in cold climates, we recommend drilling a weep hole in the bottom of the post, as condensation inside posts can build up, freeze and split the post. We are not responsible for replacing any posts if weep holes are not placed, in very cold climates  We also strongly recommend that you check your local building codes as to the required depth the post should be placed.  A general rule with aluminum fence posts:  all posts should be at least 2 to 3 feet into the ground, minimum.  It’s your responsibility to check your local building codes for proper post length and frost line restrictions.

Pool Fencing restrictions differ all over the United States. Please check your local building codes for pool fencing as we are not responsible for any local code issues. All pool fencing suggestions on this website are suggestions only.  All gates are built with deductions to accommodate the spacing for hinges and locks.  Therefore, gate widths are not actual widths.  Always double check your gate measurements PRIOR to committing to your gate posts placements. The sunburst arch option adds height to the gate height you have chosen for your gate.  Arch height varies based upon the width of your gate. A heavy, square post-like frame (2″ sq. in commercial, 2.5″ sq. in industrial) enclosing the gate side frames and bottom. A 3-sided “U”. This additional support bracing is automatically fabricated into all single swing gates wider than 6 feet and double swing / driveway / estate gates wider than 12 feet.   This heavy duty frame runs along 3 sides of a leaf (like a “U”) and vitiates the need for the antiquated diagonal brace used by so many other brands  Always install gates first, then any fencing, as gates can’t be altered, but fence panels (width only) can be field cut on-site.  Posts are not automatically included with any fence or gate order.  They must be purchased online with your order. Mounts are not automatically including with any fence order.  They must be purchased online with your order. Commercial and Industrial SINGLE swing gates wider than 6 feet require heavier hinges and larger posts. Commercial and Industrial DOUBLE  swing gates wider than 12 feet require heavier hinges and larger posts.  The design of all of our fence panels and gates were updated in 2010.  The rail spacing and picket spacing were  updated.  We now have a designer bevel in all horizontal rails and our Pressed Spear Picket Top is larger and has more detail than before.  None of our our current fence panels and gates will not match up with products purchased from us PRIOR to August 2010.  

Double Gates are 2 gates, 2 pieces but still considered 1 gate. If you order one 16 foot wide double gate, you will receive two 8 foot wide pieces. If you order one 10 foot wide double gate, you will receive two 5 foot wide pieces. If you order one 8 foot wide double gate, you will receive two 4 foot wide pieces.  Gate Widths are not actual. Gate widths include the spacing for the hinges and the lock and these dimensions are deducted at the factory when your gate is built, based upon the hinges and lock you choose. Gate widths never include spacing for Gate Posts.

All freight orders are shrink wrapped and palletized.   If requested, the carrier will remove the shrink wrap and then you can easily remove the boxes from the back of the truck.   For commercial destinations where a fork lift is available, you may simply take the pallet(s) off with your forklift. 

Any visible damage on any of the boxes in your shipment must be notated on the delivery receipt.  We can’t file a claim with the carrier without this.  You will receive a Shipment Notification by email after your order leaves our factory.  For freight deliveries (not Fedex), it is your responsibility to contact the carrier expeditiously and schedule your delivery date.  If you wait too long, you could incur storage fees.  We are not responsible for paying any storage fees.  If you are not installing your products yourself, do not schedule any handymen or installers prior to receiving and inspecting your shipment.  Shipping times promulgated on our website can vary by several days and transit times can differ based upon the route and destination.  GreatFence.com is not responsible for lead time, shipping time or transit time variations. Acts of God, force majeure.  GreatFence.com, Inc. is not responsible for the rescheduling costs of your 3rd party installer under any circumstances.  Wait until after your order has been delivered and inventoried before you schedule an installer.  Please double check the Shipping Address that you have provided us and which is also listed near the top of your order confirmation / receipt. Any change of address after your order has shipped will incur a $85.00 change of address fee required by the carrier. Please review your receipt for accuracy as all orders are custom made per order and cannot be returned.

Buyer  agrees that all verbal, written or drawn communication by any employee of GreatFence.com, Inc. in regards to fencing, railing, gates, posts and accessory products and their functionality, installation, measuring or ordering, are suggestions only.  Buyer agrees that any quote prepared by GreatFence.com, Inc. are suggestions only.  Buyer agrees that he/she has fully reviewed and double checked their quote/order prior to purchase and any changes made by Buyer to any online quote prepared by GreatFence.com is owned by Buyer. Buyer  agrees that any order placed by the Buyer  is solely owned by Buyer. Buyer acknowledges the longstanding policy that customers must place their own order online. All fence panels, posts and gates are custom-made products and, as such, buyer agrees that once build begins, the order is owned by buyer and cannot be changed or cancelled. Please contact support@greatfence.com. Verbal communications are non-binding.

Products ordered from GreatFence.com  are not guaranteed to be code-compliant for any particular use, intended or unintended, so it is important to be aware of local codes. Buyer shall be solely liable for compliance and shall hold GreatFence.com  harmless from any lawsuits, fines, etc., arising from non-compliance. This includes but is not limited to local government laws, zoning regulations, deed restrictions, neighborhood association guidelines, etc.  By placing an order with GreatFence.com™, buyer agrees that should an irreconcilable dispute arise concerning said order, the laws of the State of Texas shall supersede all others. Customer further agrees that venue for any legal action concerning an irreconcilable dispute shall always be Harris County, Texas.  For detailed product warranty, specification and installation documentation, please see the support menu located at www.greatfence.com

We know you’re going to absolutely love the design, durability and aesthetics of our fencing and gate products.  By placing your order with GreatFence.com, buyer acknowledges that all fence panels, posts and gates are custom fabricated and made specifically for buyer based upon the specific written, product descriptions in your receipt.

Thank you for choosing GreatFence.com and may you enjoy your new barrier for many, many years to come!