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*We pay the freight if subtotal exceeds $3,000.00 for the following States:
Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia, Washington D.C., West Virginia, Wisconsin
*We pay the freight if subtotal exceeds $5,200.00 for the following States:
Colorado, Florida, Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Texas, South Dakota
*We pay the freight if subtotal exceeds $9,600.00 for the following States:
Arizona, California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington State, Wyoming
*Because of the special, curved picket design in our Security Fence and Security Gate products, large orders of Security Fence and/or Security Gates may require a special, oversized shipping fee and not qualify for FREE shipping because Security Fencing requires very large packaging and therefore takes up 3 to 4 times the space on trucks.  Additionally, slide gates, roll gates and cantilever gates, in require an additional gate counter-balance or gate-TAIL.  The gate tail, counterbalance adds length to the actual gate open which means the gate is much larger than the OPENING it is made to enclose.  In turn, this will trigger the need for private, flatbed shipment and will also not qualify for FREE shipping in most orders.  Private, flat bed shipping is very expensive.  Please contact our sales team for a quote before ordering large quantities of Security fence or Security gates and any of our slide gates.  888 - 379 - 1312
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All orders, prepared solely by you the customer online via our secure on- line store are the sole responsibility of you the customer.  Any quotes prepared by a representative are recommendations only.  It is your responsibility to review your quote or order for accuracy.  Our sales staff is happy to answer any questions.

            Most fence, gate and accessory orders take approximately 3 ½ to 4 weeks for fabrication, powder-coating packaging, and shipping. Our factory is closed on all National holidays therefore shipping is increased by 1 – 2 business days.  Since our fiscal year ends September 30th and we are required to shut down for four days at the beginning of October, orders placed at this time will also have an increased shipping time. 

            Larger orders such as large estate gates, deck railing, industrial security fencing/gates, welded plated posts, gate lock boxes, custom sizing, or powder-coating in: White, Hunter Green, Khaki, Silver and Sandstone will require additional time for fabrication depending on the time of year the order is placed (spring and summer being the busiest) and based upon the size of the order.  For very large, commercial / industrial orders you should anticipate at lteast 1 additional week of fabrication time.

            We had a major design change to our fence panels and gates in August  2010.  None of our current products will match those purchased on or prior to that date.

All fence and gate orders are “Made to order” and will be fabricated according to this written, detailed order receipt and therefore non-refundable. Any change or cancellation of an order must be approved in writing by Sharon Campbell, our Support Manager.  Verbal communications are non-binding.  All products once purchased are the sole property of you the customer. We do not stock any fence panels or gates; they are all made-to-order.

If you must cancel an order please do so by Email at the address provided on page one within one business day of purchase.  (

            We ship to any home, business, job site or shipping port / freight forwarder in the continental United States. We do not ship to Post Office Boxes. If your delivery location is on a narrow or dead- end street, the freight company may not be able to deliver.  Instead, you may have to arrange a pick up at their nearest, local freight terminal. 

Any refusal to schedule a delivery date or refusal to accept your delivery will result in accruing storage fees which are your responsibility.  Freight terminals are very limited in the amount of time they can store shipments. Long delays could result in disposal of your property which would be a total loss to you.

            You will receive a Shipment Notification by Email once your order leaves our factory.   The freight carrier will contact you for your delivery appointment.   NOTE:  all UPS / Fedex Ground shipments will be delivered to you without a scheduled appointment.

Any additional services at time of delivery will incur additional fees and are your responsibility.  (i.e. lift gates, inside delivery, change of location)


            For freight deliveries, other than Fed-ex / UPS ground shipments, the truck drivers are not required to unload your materials. This is standard practice with the fencing delivery haulers.  Therefore, it is imperative that you have at least two people onsite capable of handling the unloading. Panels are typically packaged 5 – 9 per box.  Gates are packaged individually.  Posts are typically packaged 9 to 10 per box.  

Orders comprised of Six or more fence panels are shipped fully assembled.  Orders comprised of five or less panels are shipped unassembled. This is done to allow the customer to take advantage of lower shipping costs on smaller orders.  However, if you include anything else in smaller orders (like a large gate, double swing gate, posts longer than 8 feet…etc.), then the entire order will ship LTL Freight irrespective of having 5 or less fence panels in your order.

PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK SHIPPING ADDRESS ON YOUR ORDER RECEIPT** Freight companies charge $75.00+ to change an address on any shipment. You must contact us within 1 business day to change the SHIP TO address.  Verbal communications are non-binding.  You must obtain written approval from our Support team in order to make any changes to your order.

All freight orders are shrink wrapped and palletized.   If requested, the carrier will remove the shrink wrap and then you can easily remove the boxes from the back of the truck.   For commercial destinations where a fork lift is available, you may simply take the pallet(s) off with your forklift. 

            Damages are rare but they do happen sometimes. We are not responsible for damages that happen when products are not in our care, custody or control.  Any damages to shipment must be noted at time of delivery so that we can rightly assume any damage that occurred was the fault of the freight carrier. 

It’s your responsibility to note any damages on the delivery receipt.  Don’t forget to note any visibile damage to the packaging.  Do not sign unless this is done. Failure to do this will allow carrier to deny any claims. Keep all damaged parts and packaging to substantiate claims. Notify GreatFence Customer Support as soon as possible.  (

            It is your responsibility to take a complete inventory of our shipment within 14 days of delivery.  We are not responsible for missing items in your shipment if you, personally, were not present at the time of delivery.

Please download and reivew our installation instructions on our website:  htt://

We strongly recommend that you do not schedule your installation until you have received and inventoried your shipment.  Shipping times are not always reliable and we can’t be responsible for an installer rescheduling, dead time if shipment has not arrived, or force majure / any delays caused by a random act of god.

We recommend that you do not dig all the holes for posts before installation. These should be dug as each panel is installed.  See: installation manual, online, at htt://

For customers in cold climates, we recommend drilling a weep hole in the bottom of the post, as condensation inside posts can build up, freeze and split the post. We are not responsible for replacing any posts if weep holes are not placed, in very cold climates.

We also strongly recommend that you check your local building codes as to the required depth the post should be placed.  A general rule with aluminum fence posts:  all posts should be at least 2 to 3 feet into the ground, minimum.  It’s your repsonsibilityto check your local building codes for proper post length and frost line restrictions.

All gates are built with deductions to accommodate the spacing for hinges and locks.  Therefore, gate widths are not actual widths.  Always double check your gate measurements PRIOR to committing to your gate posts placements.

Always install gates first, then any fencing, as gates can’t be altered, but fence panels (width only) can be field cut on-site.

We cannot fix or replace any material that has been altered or installed by the customer or any 3rd party of customer. 

Posts are not automatically included with any fence or gate order.  They must be purchased online with your order.

Mounts are not automatically including with any fence order.  They must be purchased online with your order.

Commercial and Industrial SINGLE swing gates wider than 6 feet require heavier hinges and larger posts.

Commercial and Industrial DOUBLE  swing gates wider than 12 feet require heavier hinges and larger posts.

The design of all of our fence panels and gates were updated in 2010.  The rail spacing and picket spacing were
updated.  We now have a designer bevel in all horizontal rails and our Pressed Spear Picket Top is larger and has more detail than before.  None of our our current fence panels and gates will not match up with products purchased from us PRIOR to October 2010.  
Any visible damage on any of the boxes in your shipment must be notated on the delivery receipt.  We can't file a claim with the carrier without this.

You will receive a Shipment Notification by email after your order leaves our factory.  For freight deliveries (not Fedex), it is your responsibility to contact the carrier expeditiously and schedule your delivery date.  If you wait too long, you could incur storage fees.  We are not responsible for paying any storage fees.

We cannot fix or replace any mistakes on any order where the customer has already installed the product.

If you are not installing your products yourself, do not schedule any handymen or installers prior to receiving and inspecting your shipment.  Shipping times promulgated on our website can vary by several days and transit times can differ based upon the LTL route taken on any given shipment.  We are not responsible for lead time, shipping time or transit time variations.

We are not responsible for the rescheduling costs of your 3rd party installer under any circumstances.  Wait until after your order has been delivered and inventoried before you schedule an installer.

Please double check the Shipping Address that you have provided us and which is also listed near the top of your order confirmation / receipt.
Any change of address after your order has shipped will incur a $75.00 change of address fee required by the carrier.

Please review your receipt for accuracy as all orders are custom made per order and cannot be returned.

Fully Insured


2012 Packaging with foam inserts between each fence panel.

*We do not ship direct to Hawaii or Alaska; however, we do have customers in these two intercontinental US States.  Alaskan, Hawaiian, Caribbean and other overseas orders must first ship to a US freight forwarder with secondary transport capabilities (example: VI Cargo in Miami, Florida).  Canadian customers typically ship to the nearest US border city and pickup OR you can ship to any US YRC Freight ( terminal or US Old Dominion Freight ( terminal near you for pickup.  Customers in the Michigan and surrounding areas have the option of picking up your order at our factory in Howell, Michigan.  Simply notate that you wish to pickup your order in the Customer Notes text box during checkout.  Your entire (100%) shipping fee will be refunded back to your credit card of PayPal account within 1 business day and we'll notify you when your order is ready for pickup.