High security fence, security fencing and perimeter fence up to 10 feet high! - 100% MADE IN THE USA! is your go-to security fence company for parking lots, storage units, airports, retail centers, hospitals, schools, stadiums, military and hotels.

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Commercial Arched Walk Gate with double cylinder lock box

Premium 2604-5 Powder Coat

9 foot tall Industrial White Aluminum Fence and Gate

100% Made in the USA!

Khaki Industrial Single Swing Estate Gate

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Commercial fencing and industrial fencing comprised of premium aluminum components and extrusions is the perfect choice for perimeter security around your property.  With a premium powder coat finish, aluminum holds up longer than wood fencing, vinyl fencing, chain link fence, and steel.  Wood and Vinyl need constant maintenance; not to mention that these materials can bend, warp and rot over long periods of exposure to extreme elements..  Chain link is, well, chain link.  And, steel is extremely costly to ship, difficult to work with on-site and will require you to repaint it every 5 - 7 years. security fencing and gates, on the other hand, is easy to ship.  Our fences can be easily trimmed to fit on-site and we're able to warranty the paint finish against blistering, peeling, cracking and rusting... for life.  It's pretty much a maintenance free product!  No more temporary installs requiring on-going replacement; our products will last for decades and provide you with the high security you're needing for any perimeter on any property.  Don't wait until you find yourself in an impasse, order your new fences today from a reputable security fence company and rest assured that your property is safe and secure. can accommodate all your fencing needs.

Security Fence 100% Made in the USA
Heavy Duty Industrial Fence Barriers for stadiums -- Great Fence

Up to 10 feet high!

Heavy Duty Industrial Fence Barriers for public areas -- Great Fence
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Heavy Duty Industrial Fence Barriers for public areas -- Great Fence
Only American made components / extrusions
Heavy Duty Industrial Fence for baseball fields -- Great Fence
Expanded Metal Security Screen:
Heavy Duty Industrial Gate with Metal Mesh -- Great Fence
no on-site welding required
Spear Top Industrial Fence Style 1 -- Great Fence
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Industrial Aluminum Fence 10 feet high -- Great Fence
Single Swing Gates up to 15 feet wide
Double Swing Gates up to 30 feet wide
Industrial Wide Driveway Gate Style 9 -- Great Fence
Gate Lock Box welded into your single swing or double swing aluminum gate
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Industrial Fence & Gate Colors - Premium 2604-5 AAMA Powder Coat will save you money!
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White Industrial Parking Lot Gate - Style 4
Industrial Single Swing Gate - Style 8

The United States government approved our industrial fencing and gates for an important project at Fort Huachuca in Arizona.  Notice, in the picture below, that the gate is vertically straight.  However, the two gate posts are angled, and not vertical.  This was caused by the existing rock walls at Fort Huachuca.  Our adjustable Heavy Duty Gate Hinges, however, allowed the installer to dial-IN the top hinge on each side of the gate to accommodate the natural angle of the existing rock wall with the posts angled, yet supporting the straight, vertical, gate.

Industrial Estate Gate Style 2 at Fort Huachuca in Arizona