Removable Fence Panels

Our GreatFence aluminum fencing is strong, sturdy and once installed will last for decades.  We typically recommend ordering a swing gate for areas that need ingress/egress.  However, if you must install a removable fence panel, use the following guidelines:

Post Installation  Panel-to-Post
Cement in ground Surface Mount Insert & Set Bracket Mount
If you need to remove one fence panel, cementing your post in ground is o.k.  Simply use blank posts along with straight mount brackets and mount the panel to two posts.  Unscrew and remove the mounts to remove the panel.  And re-mount as needed.

If you need to remove two or more fence panels, then this won't work.  Digging up posts that have been cemented into the ground will prevent you from re-using and re-installing the posts.  Better to surface mount the posts.

Surface mounting our posts with our Deck Mount or Welded Plate option and using Straight Mount Brackets (see Bracket Mount) to connect your panel to the post is the best way to install a removable fence panel barrier. 

The deck mount, welded plate and straight bracket can all be unbolted and unscrewed and re-installed at your leisure.  Therefore, this option is common for installing a removable aluminum fence barrier.

Our fence design allows inexperienced home owners and property owners to install our products themselves.  The rails of our panels are quickly inserted into our prepunched posts and then simply set with the included stainless steel screws.

Unfortunately, this type of design does not bode well for setting up a removable barrier unless you are surface mounting your posts.  If your posts are cemented into the ground, this option will not work.

The straight, horizontal and vertical brackets solve many installation issues (stair stepping, angles, rackable panel connections...etc).  These powder coated metal mounts also are the best option for creating a removable fence barrier. 

Similar to deck mounts and welded plates, these mounting brackets can be removed and installed quickly.  You can't go wrong mounting and removing our fence panels with this options.

Removable Panel 1 Removable Panel 2 Removable Panel 3 Removable Panel 4

One of our customers in 2014 came up with a really great idea.  He purchased and installed longer (than typical) blank (non-punched) posts with welded plates.  Then, he dug holes in his yard approximately 1 foot deep.  He then filled the holes halfway with cement and made somewhat of an in-ground hard surface.  He then mounted the posts using some lag bolts. 

Now, when he wants to remove the barrier, he simply removes the bolts and the posts and panels.  Then, he puts about a 6 inch block of wood in the hole while the barrier is removed. 

Style 1 Spear Top Fence Panel attached with mounts

Style 2 Staggered Spear Top Fence Panel attached with mounts

Style 9 Smooth Top Fence Panel attached with mounts

Style 9 Smooth Top Fence Panel attached with mounts