Aluminum Privacy Fence Corner Posts


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Privacy Fence Panel


cemented into ground

Core Drilled
4 foot 7 ft. long post 6 ft. long post
5 foot 8 ft. long post 7 ft. long post
6 foot 9 ft. long post 8 ft. long post
7 foot 10 ft. long post 9 ft. long post
8 foot 11 ft. long post 10 ft. long post


Privacy Fence Corner Posts are routed, at the factory, on two adjacent sides of the post to accommodate your chosen privacy fence panel and which will allow you to make a ninety degree turn in your barrier. 

Simply insert the rail ends of two panels into this post and then set the panel-to-post connection with included screws.

Our aluminum metal privacy fence offering is the heaviest product that we make.  As such, always err on ordering larger posts than you would use for other type of fencing products including our aluminum picket fencing and gate systems.  3" x 3" or 4" x 4" posts cemented in-ground or cemented in via core drill are fine for panels up to 8 foot high.  4" x 4" posts should be used for surface mounted areas and for in-ground or core drilled applications.  6" x 6" steel posts are recommended for privacy fence barriers 11 and 12 foot high.

Connecting privacy panels to our pre-routed corner posts

*Overseas transport to Hawaii, Alaska, The Bahamas, The Caribbean, St. Croix and Aruba can be made by the customer.
Lifetime warranty on workmanship, materials and paint finish guaranteed not to crack, peel, blister or rust!!

9 premium powdercoat colors to choose from!
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