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All the vertical metal members that make up a fence panel or gate.  The pickets go through the horizontal rails and are then set with stainless steel screws.  The difference; however, between a gate and a fence panel is that the pickets are welded at every picket-to-rail connection.  The vertical pickets on fence panels are not welded, on purpose.  This allows you to trim the width of the panel, on-site, during installation.  It also allows you to shift or rack the panel on-site for slight, medium and steep slopes or stairs.  Fence panels do not need to be welded because once installed, they won’t move.  Gates, however, are welded because they need the additional strength for limitless opening and closing.  One final difference between a fence panel and a gate is that a gate is also welded into a square, tubular, frame on each side of the gate.  This allows you to hinge the gate off of one post and lock the gate to another post.  Please feel free to leave us comments below…

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