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Removable Fence Panel

There are so many benefits to our high-quality aluminum fencing, not least its durability and longevity. Experts believe aluminum fencing can last for as long as 50 years – or even longer. It offers a level of security, safety, and peace of mind way beyond what can be achieved with a temporary or removable fencing structure. Add to this the fact it is maintenance-free and stylish too, and it is the ideal solution to your fencing needs.

When installing new fencing, it is important to really consider the ingress and egress needs of the property. We know that there may be occasions when access to a site is needed either temporarily, intermittently, or for larger-than-average vehicles. This could be, for example, if construction vehicles and workers need to temporarily gain access to a site, maintenance technicians need regular access to a certain area or to accommodate an RV or a motor home. In these situations, a removable fence panel may seem like the best option.

Our gates can solve your access needs

We believe that in many of these cases, the solution may be found within our fantastic range of aluminum gates. These can allow access to the property without sacrificing any of the security, safety, and style of your aluminum fencing. We offer matching walk gates and single swing gates for every aluminum fencing panel style we offer, so you can find the perfect one to complement your aluminum fencing.

You may want to consider an aluminum driveway gate, especially when accommodating larger vehicles. These easy-to-install double gates help to add security and protection to one of the most accessible areas of any residential or commercial property – the driveway.

Estate gates are another stylish and secure way to control access to a property and we offer a vast range of these in a variety of widths. At Great Fence, you can custom design your gates to make them work for you, adding decorative touches such as scrolls, finials, and sunburst arches. Check out our impressive collection to see if our gates are the answer to your ingress and egress needs.

Flush Bottom Rail Aluminum Fencing

How to make your own removable fence panel

If a removable fence panel still seems the best option, we can provide the posts for the job. If you want to install your own removable fence panel between two posts, we recommend using our blank, non-punched posts alongside our wall mounts. If you are installing a removable fence panel between two existing structures, such as a house, building, or wall, you can still use our wall mounts, but you will need to purchase your own anchor screws for the mounts, depending on the material to which you are connecting the fence panel. It is also possible to order our welded plate posts and simply remove the plate if necessary.

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