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Do I need to add lift-gate service to my shipment / delivery?

No. All delivery trucks have a liftgate. Furthermore, all of our fence panel + posts orders and/or fence panel + gates + posts orders that ship LTL Freight consist of your products being boxed, shrink wrapped and palatalized. Therefore, if you’re a home owner, we don’t recommend a lift-gate. The driver will pull all your products to the edge of the back of the truck and you can simply tear open the shrink wrap and pull the boxes right off the truck. Panels are packaged typically 6 – 8 panels per box, posts are packaged separately and gates are packaged separately. We do have an optional lift gate service, however, for home owners it’s really not necessary because you can quickly carry the boxes off the truck.

For businesses that have a forklift, you can grab the entire pallet(s) off the truck. This would definitely come in handy for larger orders which are more common with businesses.

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