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Can I install your aluminum fence myself?

Yes you can. About 90% of our residential clients install the fence themselves. The rest will hire a handyman. Our fence panels are shipped preassembled (ready for installation) and the gates are welded. Our posts are factory punched / routed (for horizontal rail insertion) based upon the grade, height, style and location of each post.

For example, a LINE post will be punched on opposite sides of the post so that you can connect two fence panels in a straight run. Similarly, our CORNER posts are pre-punched on adjacent sides of the post so that you can make a 90 degree turn. All fence panels can be cut down (on-site) to meet any particular fence run footage measurement. Feel free to download our Installation Manual(Adobe PDF File). Additionally, should you run into any snags, we offer free technical (telephone) support to all of our clients.

Cad Drawing of Posts
Post Cad Drawing
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