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ICC Code Compliant Deck Railing

Compliant in most U.S. jurisdictions for any deck, porch or retaining wall 30 inches (or higher) above ground. For residential and commercial applications of aluminum deck railings. Always check your local building codes prior to purchasing.

Made to Order Metal Deck Railings

Whether you seek functionality or visual appeal, our metal deck railings can provide both. We’ll build your railings to ensure maximum service life and compliance with local codes.

  • Double Channel Top Rail – Configure for stairs / slopes
  • 2604-5 Premium Powder Coat – Ships to your home or business!
  • 12 – 14 week lead time for Signature Deck Railing, fabrication, powder coating, and packaging
  • Shipping time not included, varies based upon U.S. destination
St. Croix Hand Railing

Load Test Results

Hand Railing Gate - Style 3 with no spear in Black - Side View

In-fill Load Test: 125lbs load applied to balusters over a 1-sq. ft. area normal to the in-fill
Results: No Failure

Uniform Load Test: 175lbs/ft uniform load applied 45 deg. from horizontal (outward and downward)
Results: No Failure

Concentrated Load Test: 500lbs load applied mid-span at the top rail
Results: No Failure

Concentrated Load Test: 500lbs load applied at top of center post
Results: No Failure

Why Choose Aluminum Deck Railing Panels?

Great aesthetics

Aluminum deck railing systems are available in various styles and colors. Whether you’re going for modern or traditional, you’re guaranteed to find a style that matches your home and your surroundings. 

Minimal maintenance

Unlike other materials, aluminum does not need to be painted, stained, or treated. Its special powder coating protects the metal and maintains its sleek and clean look.


Aluminum fence railings for decks can last for decades without losing their beauty and strength. They’re also highly resistant to snow, rain, hail, UV rays, corrosion, rust, and decay. 


The prices of aluminum deck railings are not as steep compared to their steel or wrought iron counterparts. Aluminum will also cost you less in repairs, maintenance, and cleaning supplies.

At Great Fence, we understand the importance of having a deck railing that is both attractive and secure in equal measure. We offer endless aluminum deck railing options made with premium powder coating and come with a lifetime warranty.

Ships to your home or business anywhere in the USA!

Top Rail Cross Section

Middle/Bottom Rail Cross Section
post to post railing
Post to Post Deck Railing
black deck railing
Deck Railing installed

!! IMPORTANT !!  You are responsible at the time of delivery for notating any visible damage on the delivery receipt.  GreatFence cannot file a claim or replace damaged products unless you have notated visible damage on the delivery receipt.  Furthermore, It is your responsibility to be 0n-site on the day of delivery. You are responsible for your shipment. Do not allow any 3rd party to accept delivery of your order. Greatfence.com, Inc. is not responsible for missing items in your order if you are not present on the day of delivery.  Do not discard any of the boxes or packaging in your shipment until you’ve completed a full and detailed inventory of your order.  In some cases, if there is shipping damage, we may have to have the products shipped back to our factory.  You are required re-use the original shipment packaging for this purpose.