ICC code compliant.  Compliant in most US jurisdictions for any deck, porch or retaining wall 30 inches (or higher) above ground.  For residential and commercial applications.  Always check your local building codes prior to purchasing.

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Double Channel Top Rail
Configure for stairs / slopes

2604-5 Premium Powder Coat
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4 week lead time for, Signature Deck Railing, for fabrication, powder coating and packaging
1 - 2 week lead time on our New! Boxed Deck Railing - ships unassembled
1 week lead time to ship Boxed Deck Railing - Coming Soon!
shipping time not included, varies based upon US destination
In-fill Load Test:  125 lb load applied to balusters over a 1-sq. ft. area normal to the in-fill.
Results:  No Failure
Uniform Load Test:  175 lb/ft uniform load applied 45 deg. from horizontal (outward and downward).
Results:  No Failure
Concentrated Load Test:  500 lb load applied mid-span at the top rail.
Results:  No Failure
Concentrated Load Test:  500 lb load applied at top of center post.
Results:  No Failure
Luxury Hand Railing Style 3 - No Spear - Black
Luxury Hand Railing Style 10 - St. Croix
Luxury Handrailing Cross Section - Top Rail
Luxury Handrailing Cross Section - Middle and Bottom Rail

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