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Fully complete the following Quote Form by answering every question and uploading a simple sketch (last question) showing your fence run measurements and we will prepare and email you a detailed quote itemizing all the products needed for purchase. Do not submit architectural drawings, we need a simple sketch like the one shown below.
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    Double Picket Styles and Styles with the dog panel option added, for hills and slopes, can only be stair-stepped.  Our most popular swimming pool styles are: a) Flat Top flush bottom rail @ 54 inches high and b) 2-Rail Flat Top at 48 inches high. Always check your local building codes prior to purchase. Ordering Residential 6 feet high automatically includes an additional 4th RAIL. Ordering Industrial 7', 8', 9' and 10' high automatically includes an additional 4th Rail. Adding the Dog Panel always adds an additional rail unless it's already added because of the exceptions listed above.

  • We must have this information in order to prepare a complete quote including any shipping or taxes, if applicable. Your privacy is important to us; we will never sell, trade or give this information out to anyone.
  • There is no difference in cost among our 9 premium powder coat colors. For more details go to the Style & Design menu above.
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    The difference among the 3 grades is: a) the size of the vertical pickets, b) the size of the horizontal rails, and c) the thickness of the material... all which increases as you move up. If you must have 8 foot wide panels, you must select commercial or industrial (even if this is a home application) and notate that on your sketch upload.  For more information, see:  Specifications

  • Welded Plate with Cover shoice: In some situations, we may itemize in your quote an OFFSET welded plate, where needed; however, we do not currently offer covers for these.
  • For more information on these options, see the Style & Design menu above.
  • Pool fencing restrictions differ all over the United States. Always check your local building codes prior to purchase.
  • We do not sell gate automation equipment; however, our commercial and industrial gates are "automation friendly" when you ADD our Double Channel Mid Rail option to your gate(s). It’s o.k. to match residential fencing with commercial gates or industrial gates. This is common for homeowners with large driveways.
  • Slight Slope equals a rise or fall of up to 6 inches over 6 feet in any area where your barrier is going to be installed.
  • Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, png, pdf.
    Mark each fence run with an approximate footage measurement. Notate where you would like any walk gates or drive gates and the width of each gate. To see an example, go to the search bar at the top of this page and type in: "Sample Sketch". DO NOT SUBMIT ANY PICTURES.

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.