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I need a barrier around my deck and I also have a retaining wall near the back of my property that I would like to secure. I see that you have residential, commercial and industrial fencing; however, I also noticed that you have a separate, additional, heavy duty deck railing product. What should i use?
If you have a deck, balcony, porch, rooftop Or retaining wall that is 30 inches or more above the ground you need to install our heavy duty deck railing (aka ICC compliant hand railing) to meet building codes.

Always double check your local building codes. This is very easy to do because in most cases you can quickly search online for: "name of town" + "building codes".
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Is the all the hardware included with my fence and post order?
Stainless steel, powder coated head, self-tapping, panel-to-post connection screws are automatically included with your fence and post order. The only items you ever have to purchase are: a) cement for posts going 'into the ground', b) anchor bolts for surface mounting posts WITH OUR WELDED PLATE OPTION, c) anchor screws when flush mounting a post to your own structure (house, building, wall, column or wood post), or c) anchor screws for straight, vertical, and/or horizontal swivel mounts when installing the mounts to your own structure (house, building, wall, column or wood post).
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Can I install your aluminum fence myself?
Yes you can. About 90% of our residential clients install the fence themselves. The rest will hire a handyman. Our fence panels are shipped preassembled (ready for installation) and the gates are welded. Our posts are prepunched (for horizontal rail insertion) based upon the grade, height, style and location of each post. For example, a LINE post will be punched on opposite sides of the post so that you can connect two fence panels in a straight run.

Similarly, our CORNER posts are pre-punched on adjacent sides of the post so that you can make a 90 degree turn. All fence panels can be cut down (on-site) to meet any particular fence run footage measurement. Feel free to download our Installation Manual(Adobe PDF File). Additionally, should you run into any snags, we offer free technical (telephone) support to all of our clients.
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Which Residential Gate Posts should I use for my gate? The 2" x 2" or the 2.5" x 2.5"?

1. Either Post will easily support our Residential Single Swing Gates and our Residential Double Swing Gates. Check the POST CHART on the 2nd half of the Residential Gate Post product page for recommended lengths. Some customers like to move up to the 2.5" x 2.5" post for the bolder look.

Furthermore, you can, if you want, purchase our 3" x 3" or 4" x 4" Gate Posts (see Commercial Gate Posts); however, we do not 'PUNCH' these posts to accept a fence panel insertion / connection... if your application includes fence panels + gate(s). You can order Straight Mount Brackets to connect the residential fence panel(s) to our 3" x 3" or 4" x 4" posts.

In this scenario, we recommend using the 2" x 2" posts only for gates up to 4 1/2 feet high. For higher gates, we strongly recommend ordering the 2.5" x 2.5" post because this post has a larger welded plate than the 2" x 2".
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Do you have someone in my local city that sells your products?
No, we do not have sellers of our products in your city.

All of our products are made-to-order at our factory in Michigan. However, we ship direct to home owners and businesses anywhere in the continental USA.
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Can I cut your fence panels on-site?
Absolutely. We call this trim-to-fit. You can cut/trim 2 inches or 2 feet or whatever width you need off of any of our panels, very quickly, on-site using a hacksaw or any metal blade electric saw. You cannot modify our gates on-site since all gates are welded and framed. But you can trim-to-fit any fence panel. Furthermore, when you cut the rail/stringer(s) of a fence panel, that cut will be hidden inside our pre-punched posts or, if you're mounting the panel to an existing structure (house, building, wall, column), the cut will be hidden inside our straight, horizontal or vertical mounts.
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Are posts included with each fence panel or gate?
No, posts are not automatically included with any fence panel or gate purchase.

You must order posts for panel-to-panel connections. And, you typically need to order 2 Gate Posts for any single, arched, double or estate gate.
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For "in ground" applications where my posts will be cemented into the ground, how deep do the posts need to go and how much cement do I need to use?
The depth of your post for "in ground" applications ultimately is based upon your local building codes. We recommend, at minimum, that your posts should be at least 2 feet longer than the height of your fence or gate; however, if you're in an area of the country with frost line issues, you may be required to order longer posts. It's very easy to check with your HOA or your local building codes to determine what's required in your, specific local. And, we recommend doing so.

The amount of cement required for each hole will depend upon a) how deep your posts will be sunk and b) how wide a hole you dig for each post. Most customers use a 6" or 8" auger for their posts but you'll have to make adjustments on-site based upon the two variables listed above. There is no set rule for this and it's different based upon the application, location, size of post, and local building codes.
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How long does it take for my order to ship?
Most fence and gate orders ship in approximately 3 1/2 weeks. We're fast! It's not exact because our production workflow fluctuates from week, to week, to week. Some orders ship out in 2 weeks but don't hold us to it. Most US brands have about a 4 - 5 week fabrication time. Extra fabrication time might be required for Signature Hand Railing, Arbors, lock boxes, very large gates and custom orders.

We ship direct to your home or business anywhere in the continental USA. LTL Freight and Fedex shipping times can vary. Try not to wait until the last minute to order, it will make the entire process much more easy to manage, and enjoyable.

Our support team will email you the day your order leaves our factory and provide you with tracking information on your shipment.
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Do your products include a warranty?
Yes. There is a lifetime warranty on workmanship and materials. There is also a lifetime warranty on the paint finish which is guaranteed not to crack, peel, blister or rust for the life of the product.
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I'm ordering a bunch of fence panels, gates and posts. Can I have my posts shipped separately in advance of the remainder of my order? Is there any disadvantage to doing this?
This is never done. First, if you want your posts shipped separately you will incur a separate (additional) shipping fee at extra cost. Second, splitting your fence panel / gate / post order into 2 orders will not speed up your order in any way.

If you're interested in preparing for your install in advance of receiving your products, we recommend: a) Reviewing our On-Center Spacing Chart which is located on this website in the Support menu, and b) reviewing our installation sheet which is located on this website in Support > Installation.
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How do your fence panels connect to your posts?
Our posts are prepunched based upon "your" fence panel configuration (style, height, number of horizontal rails...etc.). This makes for such an easy, streamlined installation that anyone can install our fencing and gate system. Then, you set the panel by self-tapping 1 stainless steel (painted) TEK screws (which is included with your order automatically) through each panel-to-horizontal rail connection.
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We have large dogs, can your fence contain them? Can your fencing products keep deer out?
Absolutely! All 3 grades (residential, commercial, and industrial) have less than 4 inches of spacing between each pair of vertical pickets... on our aluminum fence panels and gates. Medium and large dogs won't be able to get through.

For small/tiny dogs, we recommend either:

1. Adding our optional dog/puppy panel (short pickets) to all of you fence panels and gates. You can easily do this on the product pages, or
2. Order our Style 7 or Style 8 fence and gate system which has double the amount of vertical pickets (1.5 inches spacing).

For deer and wild animals, you cannot use residential grade. Instead, use Industrial grade because the vertical pickets and horizontal rails are much, much larger and thicker.

We have a customer in New Mexico that used our 10 foot high fencing/gates to keep mountain lions out of her backyard.
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I currently have 2 - 6" x 6" Wood Posts that are already installed. The distance between the 2 posts is 45 inches. Can I order a gate from you that will work in this scenario?
Absolutely. We call this a CUSTOM WIDTH GATE. It's not really custom -- it just means that it's a NON-standard width gate in that you won't find a drop down selection for 45 inches. Here's how this works.

1. All gate widths include the spacing for the hinges and the lock. So, for example, when you purchase a 48 inch wide gate from us, it will FIT within a 48 inch wide opening... from post to post. The actual width for this gate is approximately 46.5 inches wide.

2. What you will do is ORDER and PAY FOR a 48 inch wide gate -- you order and pay for the next standard width gate listed on our website. There is no other fee and there are no hidden fees. Then, during a secure checkout on our website (NOT PAYPAL), you will see in STEP 3 of the checkout a process a CUSTOMER NOTES text box. Simply write the following in that text box: DLO = 45 inches and will fabricate your gate to FIT your opening. It's that simple.

3. You can use this process for large gates up to 28 feet wide!

3. Those notes you write in the CUSTOMER NOTES text box will be included in your auto-generated receipt.

4. If you're using PayPal, you will need to contact us in writing regarding the CUSTOM WIDTH for this gate. You must receive a written confirmation from us if you're placing this type of order via PayPal.
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Do you carry a brochure(s) that you can mail to me?
In the 'old days' we used to have beautiful, hard copy, color brochures.

With the advent of the internet, tablets and smartphones... we no longer produce physical brochures because we're constantly updating our website with customer pictures, testimonials, diagrams and product information.

Currently, we have 400 customer pictures at that you can quickly pull up on your computer, laptop, ipad, or smartphone. And, we're adding more each month! In the main navigation, GO TO >> Designs, Colors, Pictures, Rings, Arch, Pool Fence, Pets, Security and Support. We also have product pictures only the lower half of most product pages.

Our website is the best, and most current, brochure we could ever offer -- and can be accessed faster and better than ever before!
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Do I need to add lift-gate service to my shipment / delivery?
All of our fence panel + posts orders and/or fence panel + gates + posts orders that ship LTL Freight consist of your products being boxed, shrink wrapped and palatalized. Therefore, if you're a home owner, we don't recommend a lift-gate. The driver will pull all your products to the edge of the back of the truck and you can simply tear open the shrink wrap and pull the boxes right off the truck. Panels are packaged typically 6 - 8 panels per box, posts are packaged separately and gates are packaged separately. We do have an optional lift gate service, however, for home owners it's really not necessary because you can quickly carry the boxes off the truck.

For businesses that have a forklift, you can grab the entire pallet(s) off the truck. This would definitely come in handy for larger orders which are more common with businesses.
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Is there a bracket or product that I can use to mount fence panels to a house or column or building?
Yes. See Fence Accessories in the left hand margin.
We carry straight mounts / brackets that will allow you to attach one or both ends of a fence panel to an existing structure (house, building, wall, column). You will need to purchase anchor screws (stainless steel) locally whenever you are making a connection between our products and your existing structure (house, building, wall or column).
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Is the panel to post connection hardware automatically included with my fence panel / post purchase?
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I live on the Florida coast and the salty air corroded my existing wrought iron fence. Your lifetime warranty guarantees no rusting, blistering or cracking. Does this warranty also cover your products installed in salty air regions?
Yes, absolutely. Please see the Specifications page (link at the top of every page of the website) for specific information on this.

We have customers / installations on every US coast including Florida, California, Washington State, the entire eastern seaboard, Corpus Christi, Galveston, Padre Island on the Gulf Coast. And, we even have installations / customers in the Virgin Islands and the Bahamas.
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Do you carry the Magna Lock for gates going around a swimming pool?
Yes, we carry the industry standard for child safety swimming pool gate locks, The Magna Latch.

You can purchase this lock in our online store by going to Single Swing Gates > Accessories or Double Swing Gates > Accessories.
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How wide are your fence panels?
Residential = 5 foot wide, 6 foot wide and 7 foot wide
Commercial = 6 foot wide, 7 foot wide and 8 foot wide
Industrial = 6 foot wide, 7 foot wide and 8 foot wide

ALL fence panels can be cut on-site. You can cut a panel in half, into thirds, into fourths. You can trim 2 inches off of a fence panel or 2 feet.

Single Gates, Double Gates and Estate gates cannot be modified on-site as these products are welded into a frame.
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I'm ordering a 48 inch high fencing and gate system but I want to add a designer arch to one of my single gates and to one of my double gates. Do I have to order a higher gate (measurement) to accommodate the designer arch?
The sunburst arch ADDS height to your gate as you move towards the middle of the gate. So, if you have a 48" high fence, then you want to order a 48" high gate (with Sunburst Arch).
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When you order posts how do you know what size to order?
There is an EASY POST CHART on every post product page. You have to scroll down to see it but its very large. And, it will tell you exactly which post to order based upon your fence panel and/or gate HEIGHT.
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Do you carry swimming pool fencing and gates?
Yes, we ship out swimming pool fence everyday all over the United States. It is strongly recommended that you check with your homeowner's association or the city that you live in to find out if you have any pool fencing restrictions. And, we also carry BOCA compliant pool fencing. For more information, see the POOL FENCE white, underlined link underneath the logo at the top of every page of our website.
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Do I need to put a post in between your double swing gates or double swing estate gates?
No. You never need to purchase or install a post in the middle of our double swing gates. That would obstruct the opening when both gate-pieces are in the OPEN position.
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I'm building stucco columns and I want to mount your fence panels between every 2 columns. How far apart should I build the columns?
We typically recommend waiting until you receive your shipment before building columns.

However, you can use our On-Center spacing chart for a guide. It's located in our Specifications page.
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Can your gates be automated to open and close remotely?
Yes. All of our gates are "operator friendly" which means we don't have to do anything special to the gate in order for you to attach a motorized arm to the gate. We do not sell the automation products. Instead we recommend contacting a national brand with a local office in your jurisdiction because you're probably going to want some type of service agreement with gate automation products. We've been recommending national brands like MightyMule, LiftMaster, Apollo and Viking to our customers, for years.

It is critical that you attached the motorized arm either to: a) an optional mid-rail added to the gate, or b) the U-Frame of the gate. GreatFence does not assume liability for improper, unintended, or illegal use of its products. For example, we will not be responsible for damage done to your gate if the motorized arm is attached only to the vertical pickets.
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What's the difference between Style 4 and Style 9 with 3 rails? They both look like the same style.
These 2 styles are very similar. However, Style 4 fence panels / gates have the vertical pickets protruding through the bottom rail approximately 6 inches. Style 9 has the lower (bottom) horizontal rail flush. That is, the vertical pickets do not protrude... they end at the bottom rail.
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In regards to Drive Thru Gates that open from the middle, do I need a post in between the two leafs?
No. We include one drop rod automatically with each double swing gate and estate gate purchase.
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Can you go back later and change the post caps to somthing different?
Absolutely. You can order Post Ball Caps or Solar Post lights at a later time. Pop off the standard post cap and install the new post cap.
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I want to install my fence posts on an existing concrete slab, How is this done?
There are several options:

1) You can core drill into the cement and then cement the posts into your existing concrete deck. This would require you to have a core drill.

2) You can use our optional Welded Plated posts. These posts have a plate welded to the bottom of the post with four pre-drilled holes. Anchor bolts would need to be purchased locally. There is a post chart on every Post-product page which provides our minimum recommendations.

If you are building a retaining wall and it's not built yet, some of our customers have successfully installed sleeves (6" or 8" diameter) so that they could cement posts within AFTER the wall or slab has been completed.
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Can we install your Dog Panel to our existing gate?
The dog panel option is not a separate product that can be added on to an existing barrier fence panel or gate. This option is fabricated into our panels and gates at our Michigan factory. It cannot be ordered separately or after-the-fact.
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I attempted to place an order on your website but it was declined. However, my credit card is good and my credit is excellent. Why would my order be declined?
Some credit card companies (unbeknown to the customer) put a daily security limit on the customer's credit card....for your protection. This can be easily fixed. All you have to do is call your credit card company (it takes about 2 minutes), tell them that you are attempting to place an order with Great Fence, and ask them to lift the daily security limit for today only. Then, go back to your shopping cart and click the PLACE ORDER button one more time and your order should go through. You will know if your order has been completed if: 1) You are taken to a Thank You page and, 2) You receive an email order confirmation within a couple of minutes. If you continue to have a problem processing your order through our website, please call us at 1-888-379-1312 and we can process your order over the telephone.
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Can I attach your fence panels to my own wood or cedar posts?
Absolutely! In addition to ordering fence panels, you will need to order our metal, powder coated Straight Mount / Brackets. Make sure you order 1 for each rail-to-wood-post connection. So, if you have 3 horizontal rails in YOUR fence panel configuration, you will need to order 3 Straight Mount / Brackets for each panel-to-wood-post connection.

Straight Mount brackets can be found on our website by using the product links in the left hand margin. See: ACCESSORIES > for fence panels.
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I'm ordering a wide driveway gate, 20 feet wide. However, my driveway slopes about 10 inches from right to left. Is there a solution to this?
Yes, we can fabricate a "racked" gate which means your gate will be made at an angle. However, it's our opinion that you won't be happy with the way this looks.

We have many customers with sloped driveways and it's o.k. to put a straight (rectangular) driveway gate on a sloped driveway. It's done all the time.

Check out sample customer pictures on our website. Go to the main navigation to DOUBLE SWING GATES > View all Double Gates. Then, scroll down the page to the last two pictures and you'll see examples of this.
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Do you have shop drawings or diagrams of your fence panels and gates?
Yes, we have these on each fence panel, single gate and double swing gate PRODUCT PAGE. Simply go the product page for the fence panel or gate that you're interested in. Then, scroll down to about the middle of the page. You'll see some BLUE TABS labeled Description, Specifications...etc. Click on the Specifications tab.

In regards to estate gates, please contact us and request which estate gate you need a drawing for and we'll have one created for you.
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Are your gate posts pre-drilled for the hinges?
No, they are not. However, installing our hinges is easy. Hinges and locks are packaged separately. You, or whoever is installing your gate, can decide on-site which side of the gate to put the hinges (for single gates) and you, or whoever is installing your gate, can decide on-site which way the gate swings (for single gates and double gates).

Heavy Duty Gate Hinges. This hinge is composed of 3 different parts. The receivers are welded onto your gate frame at the factory; however, the j-bolt and plate are installed on-site.

You do not need to hire a professional to install our gates (or any of our products).
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When installing your aluminum gates, do you need to use posts, or can they be directly mounted to a block wall.
It depends...

1. Single Swing Walk Gates. Yes, you will need 2 gate posts because of the way our Standard Gate Hinges and Tru-Close Hinges work.

2. Large Single Swing Driveway Gates. If the gate is over 8 feet wide, then you must use our Heavy Duty Gate Hinges which can be mounted directly to your own structure (house, building, wall, column). However, all of our gate locks are made up of 2 pieces which connect when the gate is shut, so you will still need a latching post.

3. Double Swing Gates. Optional IF you're using our Heavy Duty Gate Hinges which can be mounted directly to your own structure. The other hinges would require a post.
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How is the fence height measured on an arch gate?
The Sunburst Arch ADDS HEIGHT to your gate. Let's say you choose a 48 inch high gate and then add the sunburst arch. The outside of your gate will be 48 inches high and you will gain height as you move towards the center of the gate. Arch height varies based upon the width of the gate.
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Do you sell POST extensions? I'd like to raise my current fencing higher.
No. We do not carry this type of product.
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I see your Post Charts online recommend ordering my posts 2 feet longer than the height of my fence panels and gates for an "in ground" application (vs. a surface mount application). Is that deep enough to support my fence panels and gate(s)?
Do you have a frost line issue where the product(s) will be installed? Do you have any local building codes that require you to go deeper? We recommend checking your local building codes.

Our minimum recommendation is 2 feet longer than the height of your panel / gate; however, we can make them longer if you want. If you make them longer, you can always TRIM the length of the posts, on-site, if you need to.
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