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Pool Fence

Pool Safety Fences for homes and public swimming pools.  Rust Free!  Restrictions differ all over the USA.  Always check with your HOA or local building codes.

Swimming Pool Fence Restrictions differ all over the United States.  In fact, they can differ even within the same city.  Many jurisdictions follow the BOCA national codes in some form or other.  Some jurisdictions strictly follow BOCA, other jurisdictions partially follow BOCA and yet, other jurisdictions, especially many rural areas of the US, don't follow it at all and have no restrictions.  Contact your homeowners association, your insurance carrier and/or your local building codes to find out what, if any, restrictions are in your area before your purchase and install a swimming pool fence.  Great Fence ships premium, rust free aluminum pool fencing to homeowners, resorts, hotels and public community pools all over the USA.  We are a proud fence supplier of all kinds of swimming pool safety barriers and we can accommodate, pretty much, any type of application or need.  Below we list for you BOCA's full requirements for pool area fencing.  If you're in a jurisdiction which requires you to strictly follow BOCA, we have you covered.  And if not, we can help you too!

Strict BOCA Pool Barrier Requirements:

Strict BOCA Pool Fencing Guidelines & Requirements

*  This can be accomplished with our spring loaded true close hinges and our child safety, self latching Magna Latch. 

**  This rule was created to make it very difficult for a child to use the fence / gate as a ladder and climb up and over the barrier.  And, because of the 45 inches of open space needed, you cannot use our STYLE 9 or STYLE 3 at 48 inches high.  You would have to increase the height of your panels and gates to 54 inches high for these two styles.  The only style, at 48 inches high, that meets this rule is our STYLE 10 residential, commercial or industrial versions.  You're free to order whatever style you want for your pool.  Always check local building codes in your area.  For strict BOCA Compliance, here are your choices:

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More durable than wood fencing!
BOCA Compliant at 48" high only
Customize and Price Online.  See: ALUMINUM FENCE PANELS in main navigation
Style 10 Pool Fence with 2 horizontal rails
BOCA Compliant at 54" high or higher
Customize and Price Online.  See: ALUMINUM FENCE PANELS in main navigation
Style 9 Pool Fence with 3 horizontal rails
BOCA Compliant at 54" high or higher
Customize and Price Online.  See:  ALUMINUM FENCE PANELS in main navigation
Style 3 Pool Fence with 3 rails and bottom rail lowered
BOCA Compliant at 60" high or higher
Customize and Price Online.  See:  ALUMINUM FENCE PANELS in main navigation
Style 1 Pool Fence with 3 rails and bottom rail lowered

A swimming pool enclosure is a remarkable feature on any property.  But, as the owner, you should ensure that it is a safe area, especially for children and pets.  At GreatFence.com, we value safety as much as you do.  Drowning is a serious concern.  Keep your family, pets and guests safe with for residential, commercial and industrial fence and gates.  We supply products that don't only meet your pool safety needs, but also offer good value for your money. 


Made from Quality Materials

Aluminum is one of the most widely used metals in the world.  This low-density material is lightweight, which makes it easier for you to install a DIY pool fence with or without the help of a professional.  Despite its weight, it doesn't affect the strength of your fence.

Our aluminum pool fencing is highly durable and corrosion-resistant.  It doesn't become brittle at low temperatures, so you can leave your fence as it is during winter and not worry about its condition.  While it's normal for aluminum to expand when exposed to extreme heat, our fences resist high temperatures and expand less than a typical aluminum fence.

Protection that Meets Standards

The aluminum fences we offer follow the codes set by the Building Officials Code Administrators International (BOCA).  Restrictions differ per state and city, so we make sure to check your local building codes before delivering your orders.  As such, you don't end up with a DIY pool fence that you won't be able to use.

Pool Fencing Additions for Child Safety

Children are curious.  Even with a high-quality pool fence, there's a chance that they'll play around and eventually open the gate.  Don't put them at risk; get our child safety add-ons along with your aluminum fencing today.  Here are the requirements for your pool gates:

  • Magna Latch Pool Gate Lock - This magnetic self-latching gate lock features a smart design that extends above the fence, so children can't reach the release knob.  For additional safety and security, it's key lockable and won't disengage by force.
  • Self-Closing Gate Hinge - This spring-loaded hinge closes single and double gates quickly and automatically.  It's easy to install and adjust.  It doesn't rust, sag, or stain, which reduces the need for regular replacements.

Commercial Aluminum Pool Fencing - Style 9

Aluminum Pool Fence Style 10 in Black



Installation Tip

When mounting fence panels to your own existing structure (house, building, wall, column) using our straight, horizontal or vertical mounts, you may have to trim the rails so that you have less than 4 inches of spacing between the last vertical picket on each of the fence panels and your structure.  It's easy to trim the rails of our fence panels on-site with any hacksaw or metal blade electric saw.

Swimming Pool Fence 2016


Fence angle around a swimming pool


Commercial Style 3 Fence & Double Gate - Click for pricing


Dog Panel Option and Swimming Pool Codes:

Only the 72" high version of this panel + the Dog Panel option will comply with BOCA's 45 inch vertical spacing rule for child safety swimming pool barriers.

Dog Panel and Boca Pool Codes


Child Safety Magna Latch Gate Lock