Aluminum Handrail

For porches, decks and balconies.  ICC Code Compliant


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Double Channel Top Rail

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2604-5 Premium Powder Coat

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3 1/2 week lead time for fabrication, powder coating and packaging
shipping time not included ~ shipping time varies
In-fill Load Test:  125 lb load applied to balusters over a 1-sq. ft. area normal to the in-fill.
Results:  No Failure
Uniform Load Test:  175 lb/ft uniform load applied 45 deg. from horizontal (outward and downward).
Results:  No Failure
Concentrated Load Test:  500 lb load applied mid-span at the top rail.
Results:  No Failure
Concentrated Load Test:  500 lb load applied at top of center post.
Results:  No Failure
ICC Code Compliant Hand Railing - Green
Luxury Hand Railing Style 3 - No Spear - Black
Luxury Hand Railing Style 10 - St. Croix
Luxury Hand Railing Style 9 with Madison Top Rail

Fence Panels 100% Made in the USA