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Aluminum Security Fencing

Choosing metal security fencing for your property means you care about the people who reside or work on the property. Choosing aluminum for the security fencing means you understand all of the advantages of this great metal, from the classic look to the easy installation and the affordable cost. The main concern many people have about their property is security, and for good reason. With all the money, time and effort put into your property and everything that comes with it, it’s understandable that you want to keep it all safe and secure from outside intrusions. With aluminum fencing and gates, you can ensure that safety and security with a strong, resistant metal that lasts for years to come.

Aluminum Security Fence

Property Types

Residential homes, commercial shopping centers and industrial buildings all have a good reason to need security fencing, and choosing aluminum security fencing is a great way to meet the needs of a variety of property types.

Any property where children will be on a regular basis – such as playgrounds, schools, hospitals or parks – needs to have a secure perimeter for their safety. Children can run into streets accidentally, and people can gain access to a property without a proper fence. Aluminum fencing with lockable gates ensures neither of these unfortunate scenarios can occur. Security fencing made from aluminum isn’t easy penetrable and keeps children and everyone else on the premises safe and secure.

The same goes for properties where there are buildings, machinery or products that need to be kept secure from theft. Aluminum fencing can withstand intense weather conditions and anything else that comes its way. This type of metal security fencing is made out of panels composed of horizontal and vertical extrusions that can be easily trimmed (the width) on-site. Matching gates are available, framed and welded at every picket-to-rail connection.

The very nature of aluminum fencing design stops intruders from attempting to go over or through the fencing, keeping everything secure beyond the fence. This is ideal in parking lots or car dealerships, hotels, airports, and industrial parks. Similarly, shopping centers benefit from having a secure perimeter with a gated entryway for any cars or deliveries arriving, and even a footpath that can be locked securely.

Easy and Affordable

If the excellent security offered by aluminum metal fencing isn’t convincing enough, its low cost and ease of use should seal the deal. As far as fencing materials go, aluminum is extremely cost-effective. It isn’t the cheapest on the market and it isn’t the most expensive, but the quality you get for the price is unparalleled.

The ordering, installation and upkeep are all incredibly easy compared to other fencing materials. Ordering can be done online, with all of the parts of your fence delivered to your property ready for a quick installation. There is no need to hire professionals to erect your fence because it can all be done by you at your own pace as a home improvement project. There are helpful manuals to assist you in the journey to a fully installed and ready-to-use fence!

The upkeep needed for aluminum security fencing is minimal. You only need to clean security fencing occasionally to ensure the specialized powder coating is still in good condition. Aluminum fencing won’t rust or rot, and it will stay in great shape for years with only a few cleanings.

Additional Options

Having a strong metal that ensures security is upheld is one thing, but what about added protection? Certain properties may be interested in additional options to metal security fencing that provide additional protection to those in need. There is a plethora of options for driveway gates and entryway gates, all with lockable entry systems to ensure that only authorized people gain access to the property.

You might also find certain additions to the fencing panels themselves quite helpful. For example, you can have puppy pickets made to ensure any pets or small children are safe in the property while simultaneously stopping stray or wild animals from entering the premises. Security mesh is another popular option that is especially useful on gated entryways to block anything from passing through the pickets.

Whether it’s for homes, schools, parking lots, airports, shopping malls, hotels, hospitals, or car dealerships, property owners can benefit from having a secure property for a multitude of reasons. Choosing aluminum for your fencing material means everyone and everything on the premises is safe, secure and enclosed in an attractive security fence that only allows access to the correct people. What more could you want in a great, reliable security fence?

Security Fences

Lifetime Warranty

Commercial fencing and industrial fencing comprised of premium aluminum components and extrusions is the perfect choice for perimeter security around your property. With a premium powder coat finish, aluminum holds up longer than wood fencing, vinyl fencing, chain link fence, and steel. Wood and Vinyl need constant maintenance; not to mention that these materials can bend, warp and rot over long periods of exposure to extreme elements.. Chain link is, well, chain link. And, steel is extremely costly to ship, difficult to work with on-site and will require you to repaint it every 5 – 7 years.

GreatFence.com security fencing and gates, on the other hand, is easy to ship. Our fences can be easily trimmed to fit on-site and we’re able to warranty the powder coat finish against blistering, peeling, cracking and rusting… for life. It’s pretty much a maintenance free product! No more temporary installs requiring on-going replacement; our products will last for decades and provide you with the high security you’re needing for any perimeter on any property. Don’t wait until you find yourself in an impasse, order your new fences today from a reputable security fence company and rest assured that your property is safe and secure. GreatFence.com can accommodate all your fencing needs.