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What is BOCA compliant pool fencing?

Swimming pool fence restrictions differ all over the United States. In fact, they can differ even within the same city. Many jurisdictions follow the BOCA national codes in some form or other. Some jurisdictions strictly follow BOCA, other jurisdictions partially follow BOCA and yet, other jurisdictions, especially many rural areas of the US, don’t follow it at all and have no restrictions. Contact your homeowners association, your insurance carrier and/or your local building codes to find out what, if any, restrictions are in your area before your purchase and install a swimming pool fence.

Two Rail Flat Top

  • 2 rails
  • BOCA compliant at 48” high only

Flat Top, Flush Bottom Rail

  • 3 rails or 4 rails
  • BOCA compliant at 54” or higher

Flat Top with Spear, Flush Bottom Rail

  • 3 rails or 4 rails
  • BOCA compliant at 54″ high or higher
  • flush bottom rail

Pool Fencing FAQs

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Great Fence ships premium, rust free aluminum pool fencing to homeowners, resorts, hotels and public community pools all over the USA. We are a proud fence supplier of all kinds of swimming pool safety barriers and we can accommodate, pretty much, any type of application or need. Below we list for you BOCA’s full requirements for pool area fencing. If you’re in a jurisdiction which requires you to strictly follow BOCA, we have you covered. And if not, we can help you too!