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Industrial Fencing

The crème de la crème; our flagship and heaviest fence product! Ships to your home or business anywhere in the USA. 20% more aluminum than other brands with 8 metal ribs inside every horizontal rail. Trim-to-fit panel width, on-site, with any metal blade saw. Do-It-Yourself Installation. No on-site welding required. Never Repaint–We guarantee it!

What’s the difference?

  • Residential: For home and light commercial applications.
  • Commercial: For larger pickets and rails for high traffic public barriers.
  • Industrial: Our heaviest product! The ultimate security barrier.

For more information, visit Aluminum Fences. Try our Fence Configurator to find the best products for your home or business.

Largest and thickest extrusions in our product line. Built to Last! Fence panels can be easily trimmed on-site. 7ft, 8ft, 9ft and 10ft heights automatically include an additional 4th rail.

If you have a deck, balcony, porch, rooftop or retaining wall that is 30 inches or more above the ground you need to install our heavy duty deck railing to meet building codes.

10 feet high Industrial fence.

Designs For Every Need

Not only is there a fence design for everyone, but there is a fence design for every property. From family homes and apartment buildings to industrial centers, schools and parking lots, aluminum fencing can be designed to handle it all.

Classic Spear Top


Alternating Spear Tops


Flat Top With Spear


Flat Top, Standard Bottom Rail

DISPLAY: Flat Top, Standard Bottom Rail
DISPLAY: Flat Top, Standard Bottom Rail


Flat Top Double Pickets


Spear Top Double Pickets


Flat Top, Flush Bottom Rail


2-Rail Flat Top


Industrial Gate Options

Single Gates

Double Gates

Estate Gates

Custom-Made Metal Fences, Made to Order

When it comes to industrial property security, trust GreatFence.com to provide you with heavy-duty and maintenance-free industrial metal fencing. Our flagship products are the ultimate security barrier for high traffic areas, such as schools, hospitals, retail centers and storage units. Let us protect your property from intruders and other unwanted guests. Perfect for keeping large animals off of your property, storage units, airports, high-end residential and commercial perimeter fencing and high traffic areas needing a bulkier deterrent against illegal entry.

Different Styles to Choose From

Our metal fencing panels are available in many styles: Spear Top, Staggered Spear, Flat Top with Spear, Flat Top Standard, Concave Spear Top, Convex Spear Top, Flat Top (close 1.5 inch spacing with 2x pickets), Spear Top (close 1.5 inch spacing with 2x pickets), and Flat Top Flush Bottom. These can be up to 10 feet high, giving your property the protection it needs.

The speared tops are ideal for deterring intruders, while the flat tops–or the combination of speared and flat top–possess an elegant design. In addition, we offer custom-made fences with double vertical pickets for additional privacy.

High Quality, Low Maintenance

Our industrial aluminum fence products are 100% USA-made with the finest components and extrusions. This allows us to offer fencing that can last for decades with little to no maintenance. Our industrial fencing resists corrosion and other damaging effects caused by extreme weather conditions.

Our fencing products are also low in density, meaning these are lightweight yet durable. This makes it easier for any industrial property owner to DIY their fences with or without help of a professional.

Promote full security and privacy with out industrial fence products. Browse through the styles that we offer and read their description to know if there are optional accessories or an inclusive for every order. We ship anywhere in the US.

Contact our corporate and sales teams at 845-443-7242 for more information. You can also send an e-mail by going to our Contact Us page and completing the form. Please wait for 24 hours to receive a reply from us.

*This is a close estimate because our production workflow fluctuates from week to week. Our factory is closed on all national holidays; therefore, those days are not counted. Smaller orders for accessories only or posts only ship faster. Very large orders, arbors, hand railing, lock boxes, custom orders, inlays, privacy fencing/gates and large gates may require an extra week or longer. Orders of 5 fence panels or less are shipped unassembled for better shipping rates via oversize Fedex. All other fence/gate orders are shipped fully assembled, boxed, shrink-wrapped and palletized via LTL freight. For businesses with a forklift, you can easily pull the pallets directly off the truck. If not, similarly to home deliveries, you simply tear open the shrink wrap and pull the boxes off the truck. Truck drivers are not responsible for unloading the truck — we recommend having at least one person with you on the day of delivery. All shipments are fully insured provided you notate, if applicable, any visible damage on the delivery receipt. Shipping is not a profit center for GreatFence and we strive to provide the best rates possible to our customers. Better value rates are provided with more items ordered. Free shipping is available on select orders. Pricing is subject to change without notice.

GreatFence.com carries the heaviest aluminum fence panels with the highest tensile strength in the US market. Tensile strength is a measurement of the force required to pull something, such as a structural beam, to the point where it breaks. The tensile strength of a material is the maximum amount of tensile stress that it can take before failure or breaking. Additionally, unlike most brands in the United States who use hollow rails or 2-rib rails, GreatFence.com fabricates a remarkable 8 metal support ribs inside every rail on every fence panel and gate.

Our fence panels, posts and gates will not match with products previously ordered prior to August 2010.