Aluminum Fence Reviews

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Our products are 100% American made and built to last for decades!  But, don't take our word for it.  See what our customers have to say:

"I knew I was purchasing a premium product, however, I was still amazed at how classy and durable your aluminum fence and gate systems look after installation had been completed.  I love your fencing products and it compliments our neighborhood extremely well.  It's a perfect fit."

Corrado Grieci  -  Winchester, Massachusetts

"Your metal fencing products are amazing -- We love it!" -- Kirk Krotz, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

"The fence we purchased from you looks great!"

Jeremy Butler  -  Oceanside, California

"The Residential Sandstone, Style 3 looks wonderful!  I was able to install it myself.  We've very happy with your products and service; I have referred you to a neighbor of ours who will be ordering from you next month."

Doug Cotton  -  Henderson, Nevada

"Superior quality product, easy to install."

Mike Krehbiel  -  Gallatin, Missouri


"Initially I was hesitant to purchase your ornamental, aluminum fencing and gates because I needed a strong product but I also wanted a maintenance free product that I would not have to repaint 2-3 years down the road.  Let me just say that I was extremely surprised after receiving my shipment from you.  Your products are strong and durable.  Honestly, I could not believe how stable and reinforced your fence panels and gates turned out.  Not to mention that I was able to easily install 17 panels in 1 myself."

Kirk Smith  -  Temecula, California

"I want to let you know how pleased I am with your aluminum fence products.  It completed my court yard and the quality is outstanding!"

Nicolai Buse  -  Boca Raton, Florida

"We purchased our first order of aluminum fencing and gates four years ago and it still looks great!" -- Stephanie Musbach, Watsonville, California
"The service we received at your company has just been outstanding.  Your consultants were professional, knowledgeable and very helpful.  We have had your aluminum fencing products since 2005 and it still looks fabulous!  We were also surprised at how easy it was to install.  We mention your company to everyone who comments on our aluminum fencing and gate system."

Chris Noga  -  Marcy, New York


"You cannot find a fence gate product at the level of quality and construction that your products are  There is no doubt that this is the best aluminum fence and driveway gate products on our block."

Jim M. - San Antonio, Texas


"I was concerned about placing a large order online because I wasn't able to see your materials in advance.  Let me just say that I was pleasantly surprised when I received my shipment on time.  Your products are GRADE "A" - excellent!"

Gary Gosage  -  Arvada, Colorado

"Looks unbelievable!  Had a party last weekend following the completion of installing your fencing and gates and everyone just went, 'Wow!'.  They call it 'The Estate!'  Your products are extremely easy to work with.  My neighbor purchased his fence from a local contractor who also put it in and after seeing my GreatFence, I could tell he was now disappointed.  He didn't realize the quality and value he could have had from  Looks just fabulous!"

Mark Kepenis  -  Asbury, New Jersey

"Your fencing and gates are heavier and are of a higher quality than Lowes or The Home Depot" -- Paul Bonsall, Fort Pierce, Florida
"We had an uneven area that our fencing needed to go around and your rackable aluminum fence panels worked perfectly!  You carry a heavy, high quality fence product and we couldn't be happier.  We've had numerous comments regarding how beautiful our new fence is."

Robert Meyer - Salt Lake City, Utah

"Gorgeous!  Everything came out perfect!  Everyone that sees it marvels at our new fence!"

Lois Enslow  -  Fernandina Beach, Florida

"The local fence company here in Ohio was extremely high on the investment cost.  We saved a ton of money with"

Barney Paskiet  -  Holland, Ohio


"We have an upscale home in Ocean Park and your fencing and gate system is durable, unique AND a show-stopper!  We have had 2 windstorms recently (1 with 100 mile/hour winds and another with 150 MILE/HOUR WINDS) and your aluminum fencing was NOT affected by it at all.  Your product PRICING is fantastic in relation to the quality of the products that you offer.  We are truly thankful that we ordered our aluminum fencing system from you!"

Bob Navarro  -  Ocean Park, Washington State

"We just moved from Nevada to Tennessee.  GreatFence did an outstanding job of coordinating our entire aluminum fence shipment so that it would arrive on-time at our new home...ready for installation.  We had ordered appliances from other companies and the only shipment that arrived on-time...was our large aluminum fence and gate order from Great Fence.  To top it off, the fence and gate system looks beautiful...more so than I had even imagined.  Thank you for everything.  We will definitely tell anyone who comments on your products, to contact Great Fence."

Judy Rounsaville  -  Henderson, Tennessee

"We ordered over 1000 linear feet of your industrial metal fence and the project was a huge success!" -- Bernardo, Guitierrez
"I was a bit apprehensive to buy a fence online.  I took a chance and mapped out the project, talked to the consultants at and went for it. This turned out to be one of the best choices I've made and with much relief!  This company is for real and the quality is superb. I can't remember being this pleased with any other online purchase."

Joseph Catanzaro  -  Gilbert, Arizona

"The fencing we purchased from you came out absolutely beautiful!  Everyone that has seen it is very pleased.  The installation went quickly without any problems and the two fence panels that were stair-stepped worked exactly as I had envisioned it to."

Mike Watson  -  Pound Ridge, New York


"First, let me say that whoever packaged my products knew what they were doing.  The packaging was impeccable!  Everything was wrapped internally and labeled; I knew exactly where to find everything.  In regards to the quality of your products, I cannot say enough about it.  From your designer, beveled edge rails to the thickness and strength of the vertical pickets, I cannot tell you how happy I am with your products!  My neighbors haven't stopped complementing the fence and gates we purchased from you.  Thank you!"

Phil Hardy - Americus, Georgia


"My husband and I put up your fence and gate products over the weekend and it looks phenomenal!"

Deena L. Brooks  -  Bowling Green, Kentucky

"Your aluminum fencing and gates are polished and rich, not gaudy." -- Lori Coley, North Carolina
"I have had the pleasure of working with Great Fence.  The team there goes above and beyond to help ensure that your fence is one of quality that will be an enjoyment for many years. I recommend their fence above the competition for beauty and superior construction."

Kevin McCoy  -  Baton Rouge, Louisiana


"I have to say that this is the nicest and easiest fence product that I've ever worked with.  Everyone loves it!"

James Steepleton  -  Paso Robles, California


"I purchased a fence package from you a couple of years ago and now my neighbor would like for me to install one for him. Our fence looks exactly like it did the day I installed it and we couldn't be more satisfied with your product."

Dwayne Cox - Adams, Tennessee


"Very happy with the fence.  It looks better than the original fence and was very easy to install.  We will definitely be ordering more fencing from your company."

Randall Shafer - Houston, Texas

"Your manufacturing techniques are exquisite. The fit and finish of the fence components are wonderful."

Brian Benson - Excelsior, Minnesota


"We just received our new fence from you and it looks amazing!"

Debi Shapiro - Greenport, New York


"First, we are extremely impressed with the strength of your residential fence and gate products.  You definitely make a superior product!  And the appeal it has added to our home is just outstanding.  Also, as a homeowner, this was the first time I installed a fence and it's as easy as you say it is on your website.  Trimmed a few panel widths and everything went up in no time.  Finally, I must complement you on your customer service.  The timely email and phone call responses were a huge help.  Great Fence truly has great products and great service!  Thank you very, very much!"

Ronald Cochran - Bellefontaine, Ohio


"Everything looks wonderful!" -- Dr. Sakura, Albuquerque, New Mexico"Just completed the installation of your aluminum fence products at a Wendy's fast food location and it turned out great!  One of the things my crew mentioned was the ease of installation.  They also liked your tight panel to post connection hardware.  The owners actually came outside and sat on top of the new barrier and were very impressed with the strength of your products."

Ronald Brown  -  Building Service Construction - Jupiter, Florida


"Everything worked out great and I love our new fencing and gates.  Your residential products are very sturdy, looks good and considering that I contacted 6 local companies and none of them even bothered to come to my home and give me a quote, I almost feel that I should start a business installing your gates and fences.  It's that easy to install!"

Jan Matuska - La Canada, California


"Your consultants did an excellent job of helping us figure out what we needed for our aluminum fencing project.  You made it easy for us to order our fence and it was exactly what we needed.  Also, it was easy to install and we received it in the timeframe you quoted to us.  We are extremely happy with the products that we purchased!"

Sam Moore, Ocean Palms Apartment Complex - Corpus Christi, Texas


"I can't say enough about the quality of your aluminum fence gates and the entire process of ordering all of my fencing materials from you.  The packaging of your products is superb!  We have a home in Florida and plan to be ordering more from"

William Bentley  -  Sauquoit, New York


"We could not be more pleased on how our new fence turned out.  Thank you!"

Clint Humphrey  -  Americus, Georgia


"I will be recommending and using Great Fence on all my future projects." -- Richard Caulkins, Old Lyme, Connecticut"Thank you for delivering to your provided schedule.  Not many businesses nowadays pay that kind of attention to meeting schedule for small orders.  The fence will be delivered here on time -- in plenty of time for my installer to complete before he heads back to WI for the summer."

John Gilbert - Queen Creek, Arizona

"Your Industrial Grade, Style 7, 8 foot high fencing and gates turned out beautiful!  We will be ordering more this year as this is a large, on-going project for the hospital."

Don Bullen, Western State Hospital  -  Hopkinsville, Kentucky

"The speedy delivery was a delightful surprise.  And, the Gold Finials turned out great!"

Douglas Nickson - Bellevue, Washington

"Your Commercial grade, STYLE 9 in Black turned out fabulous!  It was very easy to put in.  Everyone loves it!"

Donald Collins - Horton, Alabama


"Looks good, very pleased with your products and how easy it was to install!"

Andrew Higgins - Brentwood, Tennessee


"I live near the ocean and and the salty elements here are tough on painted metal fencing.  Your premium 2604 powder coat is amazing and holds up extremely well here."

Raymond Gaudin - Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

"Everything came out exactly as advertised.  The quality of your products is superior to other fencing and gates I have seen." -- Paul van Berkum, Geneva, Illinois"I have seen a lot of fencing products over the years and my customers here on the island are very particular and critical about the quality that we use because we are surrounded by water and ocean air.  The quality of your products is truly outstanding!  And, the thickness of the material is beyond anything I've ever used before!  In fact, during installation I saw first hand the thickness of the horizontal rails and is very, very difficult to scratch your products. 

I am so amazed with your products and my customer is speechless.  In fact, she's going to be ordering more for another area of her property!  The foam inserts, strapping, boxing and shrink wrap were also a very nice surprise because none of my previous suppliers ever went that far and your products arrived in excellent condition!"

Alva Gustave  -  St. Croix, US Virgin Islands


"Flawless!  The product, the delivery, the installation.  I couldn't be happier."

Jeff Reese - Edmond, Oklahoma

"We purchased our first order of aluminum fencing/gates from you four years ago and it still looks great!  I was able to install your products with my husband over the weekend and we just love your Do-It-Yourself design on a such a beautiful product.  We are now making our 2nd order for another area of our property!"

Stephanie Musbach - Watsonville, California


"Fantastic!  Your fence can be used for anything and installed everywhere!  I had hills, slopes, rocks and trees on my property and your aluminum fencing and gates were easily installed.  I also appreciate the service your company provided.  We are extremely impressed with everything -- from ordering to installation, from quality to durability."

Scott Carlsen - Putnam Valley, New York


"Beautiful products, superior design and premium service!" -- Howard Berger, Edgewater, Maryland
"We ordered your Style 8 with decorative finials at 5' high and it looks magnificent!  Everyone that sees it has complimented on the quality and looks of your products.  We'll be sending pictures after the landscaping is completed in a couple of weeks."

Steven Shelton - Shenandoah, Virginia


"I purchased an aluminum gate from for my deck and I must say that the order process, the delivery, the installation and above all, the positive comments about the look of the new gate has made this experience a delight.  The product was well made, fairly priced and easy to install.  What else could I ask for?  Well done, GreatFence!"

Ronald Andrewlevick - Dahlonega, Georgia


"Everything arrived in perfect condition!  Everyone loves your fence and gates!"

Rita Carrier  -  Thibodaux, Louisiana


"GreatFence was a tremendous help.  They reviewed my county's pool fence regulations and my plans then spoke with me personally at length. He sent me a detailed estimate and ensured everything was ordered properly. When a minor problem arose (one incorrect bracket) it was rectified right away. Outstanding quality and great service.  The fence is done and gorgeous, thanks for everything."

Peter Bergman  -  Woodland, California


"Excellent product!  I still cant' believe how easy it was to install." -- Alan Adams, Soddy-Daisy, Tennessee
"We have received an installed your Residential, Style 4 fence and gates and it looks awesome!"

Jeff Grogan - Phoenix, Arizona


" has the best aluminum fence I have seen.  The design of this fencing system makes it so straightforward that even homeowners can install it.  Delivery was prompt and there was no freight damage because of the extra packing.  I recommend to all of my friends and neighbors!"

Bruce Davenport - Blue Point, New York


"We just completed the installation of our new driveway gate and it was straight forward and looks very, very nice!  My wife and I installed the gate and we are in our 60s!  I am an engineer and really appreciate the quality of your products."

Michael Lee - New Braunfels, Texas


"I had a great experience using your aluminum fencing products not to mention how easy it was to install.  Furthermore, I left Florida to go to Texas during Hurricane Wilma and when I returned your fence and gates were still standing while other aluminum fencing in the area appeared to have been torn apart by the storm."

Aris Konstantinidis - Ft. Meyers, Florida


"I want to thank GreatFence for meeting and exceeding my expectations in product quality and, equally as important, service!  Your aluminum fence and hardware are of EXCELLENT QUALITY!  My wife and I are so very pleased with the look and functionality of the gates and fencing we purchased from you!  I will be sure to recommend your company!"

Mike Barba - Hopedale, Massachusetts


"The gate that we purchased from you looks fantastic!" -- Judy DeKroub, Brighton, Michigan
"I was a little hesitant in placing such a large order over the internet.  However, after receiving my aluminum fencing producdts on time, I was happy that I chose Great Fence.  Your company has a top notch product at a fantastic price and I could not be happier with my aluminum fence and gates."

Ryan Phillips  -  Lincoln, Nebraska


"Excellent service, excellent product.  My wife and I could not be happier having chosen"

Alfred Scott  -  Mobile, Alabama


"Your aluminum fencing and gate system is 1st class and looks like it belongs at a 5 star resort hotel."

Daniel Degeeter  -  Sussex, New Jersey


"It's been 3 years since I installed my first order of aluminum fencing and gates from Great Fence and we still receive compliments on it.  The racked gate worked out perfectly.  I even used a pressure washer on it recently (just to clean off some dirt) and it did not disturb the paint finish one bit.  It is such a durable product that I'm ordering more fencing and gates this year for another area of my home."

Jeff West  -  Brownsburg, Indiana


"I want to thank you so much for the beautiful fence!  Everyone LOVES it!  You were so nice in helping me with my order and the fast delivery.  If I ever need another aluminum fence, you will always be the one I pick.  Thank You!"

Beverly Prince - Pasadena, Maryland


"Looks terrific; everything turned out gorgeous!  We are very happy with our large, driveway, estate gate!" -- Mark & Sandra Prevost, Jasper, Alabama"Great fence, that would be easy to say. When buying over the internet you are never sure what you may receive.  Especially with a large purchase, it is a little unnerving.  I discovered the local alternatives are way too expensive even when considering the big box stores.  From I received a superior fence, the finish in bronze was perfect,  over 260 Linear feet, 4 gates and sufficient parts to finish the job with a few extras.  The support and responsiveness was second to none and I even had a damaged panel come on a add on order that was acknowledged and a new one sent ASAP.  I judge companies not when things go as they should but in the way in which things are handled... when they do not.  I will happily recommend and buy from Great fence again."

Brian Tietje  -  Fishkill, New York


"We love your aluminum fence and gates!  The installation was easy and everything turned out great!"

Dennis Shearer  -  Sacramento, California


"Every home in our neighborhood has the cheap, flimsy aluminum fence products from a local store (nationwide chain) whom I won't mention.   I'm almost finished with the installation and I can confidently say that there is no comparison to the strength, design and overall quality of your residential aluminum fence panels and gates.  WE now have the nicest fence on the block thanks to GreatFence."

Mario Perez - Virginia Beach, Virginia


"We love the aluminum fence and gates that we ordered from you.  It was extremely easy to install and the looks are unbelievable!  My neighbors and friends are constantly complimenting your products."

Phillip Payton  -  Greenville, North Carolina


"The fence and gates look beautiful at our seaside motel!" -- Julie Cummings, Atlantic Coast Inn, Fenwick Island, Delaware"The fencing and gate products we ordered from you looks super!"

Sharon Everson  - Gig Harbor, Washington


"Just Great!  Your products are easy to install; anyone can install this ornamental fencing system.  The quality and looks are great for any home including higher-end, multi-million dollar homes as well."

Hugh Jordan  - Tallahassee, Florida

"Excellent quality and far superior than anything I saw at the local stores.  You have so many sizes and options; I was able to get exactly what I wanted....including the dog panel!"

Linda Norris  -  Lincoln, Nebraska


"We finally got our new 20 foot wide driveway gate installed and couldn't be happier -- the quality is superb!  The Heavy Duty Gate Hinges make adjustments a breeze; we just followed your instructions.  Many thanks to for our beautiful new driveway entrance!  I'm really impressed with the entire package!"

Warren Barrow  -  Montgomery, Alabama

"My husband and I have completed the installation of our aluminum fence and we were extremely pleased with how easy it was!  I have never built anything in my life and it was very easy for me to assist my husband in this project.  We absolutely love the look and as a matter of fact we have friends that love it so much, they are going to look into also purchasing from you.  We can't say enough about our experience with Great Fence.  The aluminum fence was in our driveway on the EXACT date it was promised.  Everything was there and no damage to any box.  My husband kidded that the hardest part about installing the fence was installing the BOCA compliant lock to the gate and that wasn't even very hard!  Thanks again for making this home project so worth it!"

Angie & Kenny Pfeifer  -  Eldersburg, Maryland


"After 2 years, we are still loving the gates. They are holding up very well all year long. Despite the temperature swings down to -20, the gates still open effortlessly and haven't sagged or settled from original installation. "

Andy Storer  -  Anchorage, Alaska


"It's the best fence ever!   We have had neighbors stop by and say that it's the best fence they have ever seen and want to know where we got it.  Of course, we have told them and have told my cousin as well.  I posted the fence on Facebook and he was inquiring.  I told him it was made there in Michigan all USA made.  I think he might be looking at a new fence for his new home.  My husband had it delivered to his place of business and had a lot of people stop by and were amazed at the workmanship and the overall look of the fence.  It was a snap to put together and the inspector for the city didn't have a problem with it..  Can I ever thank you for the support and ease it went together.   WOW! is the best...   We are super happy!!  Thank You so much"

Michael J. Arto, Aircraft Interior and Repair, LLC - West Palm Beach, Florida


"The fence looks terrific!  Thanks so much!" -- Lynette Holtberg, Glenwood, Minnesota
"We just finished installing the aluminum fence and gate system that we purchased from Great Fence and it looks like a million dollars!  Additionally, Great Fence is the most reliable online retailer I have ever dealt with.  Their communication with us throughout this important project of ours was just outstanding."

Robert DeVente  -  Galloway, New Jersey

"I was extremely impressed with the packing of your aluminum fence panels, gates, posts and accessories and the quality of your products was more than I ever expected.  It's hard to believe that I was quoted almost twice as much cost for a chain-link fence than what I invested in your ornamental aluminum fence.  I'm glad that I chose the latter."

Chris Colbert  -  Terre Haute, Indiana


"Can't Beat It!  This is my 3rd order with your company in 2 years and I don't even think about going anywhere else!"

Rich Copeland  -  Sierra Vista, Arizona


"Whoever designed your Heavy Duty Gate Hinge did an incredible job!  I was able to dial in my new driveway gate with it already sitting on the j-bolt part of the hinge.  Beautiful design, great job!"

Larry Teague  -   Oroville, California


"I would like to tell you how much we like our new fence.  My neighbor just raved about how gorgeous it is!  And I was pleasantly surprised at how easy everything was to install.  Your installation manual recommends two people for the installation, but other than a couple of occasions that I needed help to hold something, I was able to do everything by myself.  The hardest part of the whole job is digging the holes for the posts and mixing the concrete!  I can't imagine that anyone with just a few basic tool skills could not install your fence.  Definitely a DIY product that looks better and costs significantly less than welded wrought iron (which is not a DIY project).  FYI, I found that the best way to cut your fence sections was with a jig saw equipped with a metal-cutting blade.  Much easier than a hack saw."

Paul Swaim  -  Joplin, Missouri


"Not only was your pricing lower but the quality of your products is by far superior to the other fence supply companies I had looked at." -- Paul Scioneaux, Vacherie, Louisiana"Beautiful!  Your products are the best fencing products I've ever worked with.  It was also extremely easy to install and the paint finish is incredible.  We live in on the west coast on a lagoon and I can already see that your aluminum fence and gates are stronger, and will last longer, than steel!"

Ronald Collins - Corte Madera, California

"The aluminum fencing we purchased from you went up in no time, with no problems at all.  Everybody likes your products.  I wish we had more of it!  We may replace some of the warped, wood fencing (on the other side of our home) with your products...sometime later this year."

Susie Wilkes -- Katy, Texas


"I ordered your Residential grade, Style 6 in the color white and it looks fabulous!  I was originally going to find and hire someone to install it but after reviewing your website and (online) Installation Manual, I decided to do it myself.  It went up like a breeze and I was able to complete the installation after only a couple of days.  Everyone of my neighbors has commented to me on how beautiful your products look at my home.  I'm more than happy to discuss your products and installation with any potential, future customers that you might have.  Please feel free to have them e-mail met at:"

Rick Williamson  -  Pocatello, Idaho


"Your fencing and gate products are designed for quick and easy installation and we really appreciated how quickly we were able to complete the installation.  We are very happy with the quality and design of your products."

Dave Harper  -  Milledgeville, Georgia


"Fence arrived in great shape. I installed it last weekend and it looks great. Easy to install. My wife and I love the flat-satin bronze. It was the perfect choice for our application."

Matthew Kippenhan  -  Littleton, Colorado


"I was able to install your BOCA Pool Compliant - Style 3 aluminum fencing and gate system 1 day!  We love the Designer Arch option for your gates.  I am a 100% satisfied customer!"

Brad Peaks  -  Birmingham, Alabama


"You have a great product!  This fencing system was very easy to install." -- Brian Stratton, Columbus, Ohio"We purchased your aluminum fencing and compared them with sample aluminum fence panels from Lowes and Jerith... and there is no comparison.  Yours is a heavier, stronger and nicer product any way you slice it.  The products we inspected from Lowes and Jerith were rickety and flimsy...yours are strong and sturdy.  I could see the difference immediately.  There is no doubt to the superiority of your fencing and gate products.  We will be ordering more."

Robert Elder, Aspen Square Management - Jacksonville, Florida


"Very nice, high quality product.  The fence looks great; we are very happy with your products!"

Christopher Getty - Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania


"I received my gate in record time and it is absolutely beautiful.  It installed easily and it is extremely sturdy.  Thank you and I will definitely do business with you again and I will also refer your company."

Nancy Pillarella - Cromwell, Connecticut


"Love your aluminum fence.  Have had multiple comments from neighbors and passersby.  Feel more secure with it and will much more so after our big double gate is up.....great product!"

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Davis - Kansas City, Missouri


"I am so pleased with my aluminum pool fence.  It is beautiful beyond what I had hoped and it was so easy to install.  The double punched panels adjusted brilliantly to my sloped area and you were so much help from beginning to end.  Everyone that sees it cannot believe how much it enhanced the looks of the swimming pool and the best part is that it is now up to code!  I would gladly recommend GreatFence to anyone."

Bette Hestle  -  Great Valley, New York


"Our fencing and gate project turned out great thanks to you, we love it!" -- Samantha Wright, Lexington, Kentucky"I am very happy with the aluminum fence and gates that we purchased from you.  I wish I had put your products on my previous home.  On that home I had used vinyl and I was not happy with it.  Great Fence has a very high quality aluminum fence product that I was able to install myself.  I am a very satisfied customer"

Joel Swanson  -  Winter Garden, Florida


"We have received our order, and I have to tell you, when we opened the boxes, my fiancé said - WOW!  We are both very impressed with the quality.  You carry a very high quality product.  Thank you again for all of your assistance throughout the ordering and delivery process. Nothing was damaged in the delivery."

Janet Nowakowski  -  Baden, Pennsylvania

"Recently, I built a swimming pool and I needed a durable barrier to go around it.  After some research and some price comparing, Great Fence was by far the best choice I could find in regards to quality and price.  My aluminum fence was delivered on time and it was surprisingly very easy to install.  It looks great and now I get more compliments about the aluminum fence than I do about my swimming pool!"

Rick Picon  -  Manassas, Virginia


"We purchased our first fence from you back in February 2006 and it still looks new!  We are very happy with your products and service and I will be ordering more from you this summer for another project."

Pat Olle  -  Wimberly, Texas


"The project turned out amazing!  The fence was everything and more I had hoped for.  The parts were all there, the installation was simple and the quality and strength of your products is outstanding!  The shipping was easy and nothing was damaged and the order was complete on the first load.  I am very pleased with everything and would recommend your product to anyone.  We saved just over $4200 by doing the project ourselves."

James Shade  -  Curryville, Pennsylvania


"Kudos to GreatFence!  Everthing was exactly like you told us!  And, our estate gate looks amazing!" -- L. Redecker, Cumming, Georgia"I helped my son install your fencing and gates last year on a golf course.  It went up in no time, with no problems and we received so many compliments on it that I'm ordering more for my home."

John Fontecchio  -  Canon City, Colorado

"You guys saved me a bundle of money by purchasing my fencing from you vs. buying locally.  Also, I was so excited that you carry 8 foot wide fence panels which I couldn't find elsewhere.  I had deck columns approximately 7 1/2 feet apart and I was easily able to cut your 8 foot panels and install them between all of these columns.  Thank you!"

Sandor Kovacs -  Middletown, Delaware


"We are extremely happy and satisfied customers.  The quality and ease of installation of your aluminum fence is outstanding.  We have referred many of our neighbors to because of our experience with your company.  The Installation Manual on your website is excellent and allowed us to make important decision prior to and during the quick installation process."

Cindy Sparks  -  Sterling, Massachusetts


"Gorgeous product.  You get what you pay for and GreatFence makes a superior product!  And, it's an easy product to install."

Willard Poland  -  Harriman, Tennessee


"Absolutely gorgeous!  I did a ton of research before I chose for my fencing and gate products and I must tell you, your products are the best I've ever seen!  A neighbor of mine around the corner thought he had purchased a nice system a few months back, but there is no comparison to what you offer.  I am just tickled to death over how incredible my fence and gates came out!  Thank you!"

Anthony Hosey  -  Colonial Heights, Virginia


"Very happy with the quality and design of the products we purchased!"

Mark Crisp  -  Ballwin, Missouri


"We purchased your STYLE 7 in Bronze and it looks beautiful!  Thank you!"

Mark Corrales  -  Lawton, Oklahoma


"I just wanted to say how great my experience has been with Any questions I've had have been answered and the service has been excellent. I would recommend Great Fence to anyone."

Nick Moskowitz  -  Gainesville, Florida


"In addition to the superior quality of your products, the bonus with your system (vs. wrought iron) is that you can easily replace panels and posts if necessary.  A neighbor accidentally damaged one of my panels and posts and I was able to order additional materials from you and have my aluminum fence fixed relatively quick.  I would not have been able to do this with iron or steel.  Thank you!"

Tony Dobbins  -  Florence, South Carolina


"Looks Fantastic, We love your fencing products!"

Donna Bullard  -  Huffman, Texas


"We wanted to let you know that we love the swimming pool aluminum fence and gate system that we ordered from you.  Everything turned out great!"

Dorothy Chung  -  Baltimore, Maryland


"We've been so pleased with the durability and performance of our Great Fence from a few years ago (Sept. 2005), that we're getting ready to do another fence project with you guys."

Pete Dolfis  -  Seneca, South Carolina


"It's rare to be completely satisfied by a web transaction, but this was a great value purchase.  The fencing and gates I purchased from you is going on four years and it still looks new!"

Dan O'Brien  -  Adamsville, Tennessee


"Just completed my fencing and driveway gate.  It was a snap to put up and the quality is great!  It really looks sharp!"

Ollie Pickral  -  Kilmarnock, Virginia


"Wonderful product; everything turned out great, the fence is beautiful!"

Gary Baxter  -  Blaine, Washington State


"It looks beautiful!  Thanks for a great product and even better customer service!"

Gary Phoebus  -  Spring Lake, New Jersey


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