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Aluminum Fence & Gate Installation Manual

Angles Welded Plate Glossary
Hills Between columns Diagrams
Mounting to Columns Custom Gates Post Charts
Hinge Placement Form (pdf) Self Closing Hinges LokkLatch
Lock Box Form (pdf) Magna Latch LokkLatch Deluxe
Heavy Duty Hinge (pdf) Gate Stop LLMKABT lock

Helpful Hints: Installing welded plated posts and in ground posts

Aluminum fence and gate installation is easy with fencing because our produts have been designed with home owners and business owners in mind.  Spend no money on costly installation fees.  Let help you on your next DIY project.  Browse through our aluminum fence and gate installation page to find instructions and other useful links that can help you set up our fencing products.

Do-It-Yourself Made Easy

We believe that pre- and post-installation are just as important as the installation process itself.  We share information we think will be useful to your project.  Read our installation manual to have an idea about the tools you'll need for your project.  From string or chalk line and stakes to bungee cords, we list everything you need to prepare.  Our manual also includes measurements for residential, commercial, and industrial fencing products.  Feel free to use them and identify the applicable distance for each product and accessory you install.

Detailed Product Description

Click any item from our aluminum fence and gate installation guide list for more information.  We'll either provide you with a PDF file or link you to the specific descriptions of our fencing products and accessories.  As such, you can decide whether you've found the right piece for your property or not.  If you ever come across a term you don't understand, please visit our Glossary of Definitions page.  We have included photos, so it's easier to visualize what you're looking for.

No need to hire someone if you can do the process yourself.  Save money on installation by ordering from  Call us at 888-379-1312 if you still can't find what you're looking for.  Our customer support and corporate and sales team will be glad to help.

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Closeup of a surface mounted post with welded plate added