Dog Fence Panels

Short pickets are fabricated into new aluminum fence panels / aluminum gates from  Cannot be added on afterwards.  Customize and Price online.  Simply find your fence panel or gate using the main navigational menus.  Then, ADD the dog panel / short pickets option.  Then, ADD it to your shopping cart.  Spacing between pickets is 1 1/2 inches. 

Keep your pets safe and secure!

White Industrial Fence with Dog Panel

You can also trim the width of our dog fence panels on-site to complete any fence run measurement.

Commercial Aluminum Fence with 24 inch high dog panel / puppy pickets.

Estate Gates + dog panel

Industrial Single Swing Estate Gate with Rings and Dog Panel

Roof Top Dog Parks?  No problem!

Commercial Style 4 Metal Fence with Dog Panel / Short Pickets -- Click for pricing --


30 foot wide driveway gates

Industrial Metal Estate Gate - Style 3 with Dog Panel

Customize the picket tops of our dog panels with quad or fleur-de-lis finials

Style 1 Residential Aluminum Fence Gate with Dog Panel


Flat Cap and Plugged Dog Pickets

Commercial Double Swing Gate with Dog Panel


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No dogs?  Many customers order their gates with the dog panel for decoration!

Estate Gate with Dog Panel / Short Pickets --


Wow!  24 inch custom height dog panels for residential aluminum fence

Aluminum Fence with short pickets / puppy pickets --


Careful.  Many jurisdictions don't allow the dog panel for swimming pool enclosures.  A child could potentially step up and over.  Always check your local building codes.

Aluminum Pool Fence with Umbrella --


Even amusement parks like our dog fencing!

Commercial White Fencing with Dog Panel --


You can even automate our gates with the dog panel.

Industrial Double Swing Gate with dog panel, rings, arch --

Add Type B decorative finials to our dog fence panels - sorry, there is an upcharge for this!

Spear Top Dog Panel with Rings


Style 2 Aluminum Gate with Dog Panel and Sunburst Arch


Flat Top Dog Panel with Rings


Bronze Industrial Estate Gate with 24 inch high Dog Panel / Short Pickets


Residential Style 9 in white


Style 2 with Dog Panel in Green


Spear Top Dog Panel with flat capped pickets


Commercial Double Swing Gate Style 3 with Spear Top Dog Panel


Residential Single Swing Gate Style 1 with Dog Panel and Arch


Diagram - Commercial Fence Panel Style 1 with Dog Panel + DOUBLE TYPE B FINIALS


Diagram - Commercial Fence Panel Style 9 with Dog Panel

Aluminum Fence Basic Uses:

To provide attractive, maintenance free security for residential, commercial and industrial applications.  Because of the unique properties of premium aluminum alloy, our fencing and gates will not rust or corrode, even when exposed to the constant moisture around swimming pools and coastal climate areas.  There are three strengths of the aluminum grades available: Residential, Commercial, and Industrial.  The residential strength is ideal for most homes except for large driveway gates which require industrial.  Higher traffic areas will enjoy the beefier pickets and rails on the commercial grade and industrial will provide the maximum protection and it our heaviest grade.

Composition and Materials:

Our fencing and gates are manufactured from aluminum extrusions, having a minimum tensile strength of 35,000 psi, using 6005 T5 alloy for structural components.  All screws are stainless steel with a  plating of zinc and yellow dichromate to ensure corrosion resistance under the harshest conditions.  The screw heads are painted to match the color of the fence with a polyurethane finish. 


The hollow, vertical square pickets pass through the rails and are attached using stainless steel screws.  By using this method of connection, the pickets are always parallel and vertical regardless of the pitch of the terrain.  It also allows for the seemless racking of fence panels on-site for slight, medium and steep slopes or stairs. 

Horizontal Rails:

Rails are specially designed C-Channels with a unique, designer beveled edge on the top sides of each rail.  Square holes are punched in the top of the rails to allow the pickets to pass through.  Because aluminum extrusions allow metal to be placed where it is needed most, the top has been designed for additional strength.  The number of rails used in a section varies with the height and strength of the fence.  Residential panels and gates include an additional rail at 6' high and industrial panels and gates include an additional rail at 7', 8', 9' and 10' heights.  Eight metal support ribs are fabricated inside each rail on ever panel and gate, making our product offerings heavier than most brands which typically use hollow or 2-rib horizontal rails.


Posts are hollow square extrusions with holes prepunched to allow the rails from the fence sections to slide into them.  This keeps the fence sections securely in place.  Optional blank, non-punched square posts are available along with special, aluminum mounts for stair-stepping, transitions and angular fence panel connections.


Matching gates are available.  Residential and commercial gates are fabricated with 2" x 2" square ends (frame).  Industrial gates are fabricated with 2.5" x 2.5" square ends (frame).  All gates are welded at every picket-to-rail connection in order to withstand many years of opening and closing.  The hinges are made from aluminum extrusions with a 3/8" stainless steel pin that may be attached to a post.  Self Closing spring loaded hinges and self latching gate locks are available for all gates.  All gate widths include and accommodate the spacing for the hinges and the lock.


Pretreatment.  A three stage non-chrome pretreatment shall be applied.  The first step shall be a chemical cleaning, followed by a water rinse.  The final stage shall be a dry in place activator which produces a uniform chemical conversion coating for superior adhesion.  Stainless steel crews shall be plated / coated with yellow and zinc dichromate to ensure corrosion resistance.  Coating.  Fence materials shall be coated with a TGIC polyester powder-coat finish.  The finish shall have a cured film thickness of at least 2.0 mils.  In addition, screw heads shall be painted to match the color of the fence.  Tests:  The cured Finish shall meet the following: 1.  Humidity resistance of 3,000 hours using ASTM D2247.  2.  Salt spray resistance of 3,000 hours using ASTM B117.  3.  Accelerated weathering for 500 hours under Method 6152 of Federal Test Method 141 shall show no adhesion loss, with only slight fading, chalking and water staining.  4.  Outdoor weathering shall show no adhesion loss, checking or crazing, with only slight fade and chalk when exposed for one year in Florida facing south at a 45° angle.  5.  Minimum hardness of 2H using ASTM D3363. 

Warranty:, Inc. guarantees the aluminum picket fence for life.  This guarantee covers defects in workmanship and materials, as well as the powder coat finish of the fence.  The paint will not peel, crack, chip or rust.


No maintenance is required due to the excellent corrosion resistance of the powder coated aluminum.