2 options - when in doubt, use OPTION 2

Slight angles / curves   25, 35 and 45 degree angles
*Insert & Set horizontal rails of panel(s) into 1 post   Mount panels to the outside part of 2 sides of 1 post
Punched Line Posts Punched Corner Posts Punched End Posts   Blank Posts Swivel Mounts Straight Mounts
Insert horizontal rails of fence panel into holes in post.  You can turn the panel left or right up to approximately 8 - 10 degrees before setting the panel to post connection with included self tapping screws.   Mount 2 panels to one post using Horizontal Swivel Mounts which will give you approximately 30 - 35 degrees on each connection.  Connecting 2 panels to one post with 2 sets of horizontal swivel mounts will provide you with any degree angle that you need.
Line Post Top View Corner Post Top View End Post Top View  

Style 2 Fence Panel connecting to a line post at a slight angle, no mounts.

Industrial Style 1 Aluminum Fence at baseball field showing angle connection

Style 8 Aluminum Fence curves and angles

2 horizontal rail fence panels, order 4 mounts for each post
3 horizontal rail fence panels, order 6 mounts for each post
4 horizontal rail fence panels, order 8 mounts for each post

Horizontal Swivel Mounsts - 9 Colors   Horizontal Swivel Mounts - set screw


Fence angle around a swimming pool

Residential Style 9 Fence and Gate connected at an angle

Residential Style 2 Black Aluminum Fence with angular connections in snow

Style 9 on a curve

Industrial Security Fencing with angles

Commercial Aluminum Fence Style 4 in Bronze with angular connections

Insert Fence Panels into prepunched posts, then set the panel to post connection