Industrial Aluminum Fence Panel - STYLE 7 - 2X PICKETS (*TRIM-TO-FIT)

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2 1/2 week lead time for fabrication, powder coating, packaging and truck loading.  Shipping times vary.
Industrial Aluminum Fencing - Style 7 - Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas
Industrial Aluminum Fence Panel - Style 7
2604-5 Premium Powder Coat ~ Never Re-Paint!

Spacing between pickets = 1 1/2"

The New! Standard in Quality & Design Strong, durable and perfect for security!

Ships direct anywhere in the USA!

Posts purchased separately

Designed for easy installation

Rust Free - Never Re-paint!

Rackable on-site for hills

Mounts purchased separately

Matching single swing gates are available Matching double swing gates are available
100% Made in the USA!

Do not commit to all of your post holes in advance of receiving your products.  Fence Panels are inserted and "set" within each pre-punched post so posts add very little distance, if any, to your run measurement.  The data below is approximate.  We recommend rounding up your footage measurements.  Fence Panels can easily be trimmed (the width) on-site.  Let's say you have a 23 foot straight run.  Order four - 6 foot wide fence panels and then you can trim a foot off one of them on-site or you can trim 3 inches off of all 4 panels.  NOTE:  The following does not apply to fence panels with rings of distinction added or panels installed with mounts.
6' wide 71 1/2 inches 2.5" x 2.5" 72 inches 28
6' wide 71 1/2 inches 3" x 3" 72 1/2 inches 28
6' wide 71 1/2 inches 4" x 4" 73 1/2 inches 28
8' wide 100 inches 2.5" x 2.5" 101 inches 40
8' wide 100 inches 3" x 3" 101 1/2 inches 40
8' wide 100 inches 4" x 4" 102 1/2 inches 40

Industrial Aluminum Fencing - Style 7 - Great Fence

* One of the many benefits of the design of our industrial aluminum fence panels is the ability to trim or cut the panel WIDTHS  on-site.  We call it:  'TRIM TO FIT'.  Using any hacksaw or metal blade saw, you can easily cut off 2 inches or 2 feet to complete any fence run measurement.  You can cut a panel width in half, into thirds... even into fourths.  This will also allow you to 'fill in' small areas within the boundary of your new perimeter fencing.  Remember, when cutting or trimming our fence panels, you're essentially cutting the horizontal rails.  And, those cuts will either be hidden within our punched posts or inside our straight, horizontal or vertical mounts.  Gates can never be modified on-site.  Gates are framed and welded at every picket-to-rail connection for strength, durability and longevity.  However gates, unlike fence panels, are hand built-to-order and can be fabricated to fit any opening up to 30 feet wide.  See:  Custom Width Gates

** Most fence and gate orders ship in approximately 3 1/2 weeks.  This is a close estimate because our production workflow fluctuates from week to week.  Our factory is closed on all national holidays; therefore, those days are not counted.  Smaller orders for accessories and posts only ship faster.  Larger orders for arbors, hand railing, slide gates, custom orders, privacy fencing/gates and very large gates typically require an extra week or longer.  Orders of five fence panels or less are shipped unassembled.  All other fence / gate orders ship fully assembled, boxed, shrink-wrapped and palletized via LTL freight.  For businesses with a forklift, you can easily pull the pallets directly off the truck.  If not, similar to home deliveries, you simply tear open the shrink wrap and pull the boxes off the truck.  Truck drivers are not responsible for unloading the truck -- we recommend having at least one person with you on the day of delivery.  All shipments are fully insured provided you notate, if applicable, any visible damage on the delivery receipt.  Small orders for single gates 5 foot high or higher trigger a higher flat rate shipping fee from the carrier because LTL Freight now charges by DENSITY meaning how much room you're NOT taking on the truck.  Better value shipping rates are provided with more items ordered.  Shipping is not a profit center for GREATFENCE and we strive to provide the best rates possible to our customers.  Pricing subject to change without notice.

9 premium powdercoat colors to choose from!
9 premium powdercoat colors to choose from!
9 premium powdercoat colors to choose from!

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