Commercial Aluminum Single Swing Gate - Style 4

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Dog panel / Short Pickets 16" high (+ 1 extra rail)*
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2 1/2 week lead time for fabrication, powder coating, packaging and truck loading.  Shipping times vary.
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Commercial Single Swing Gate with Arch, Rings and dog panel
Commercial Single Swing Gate - Style 4
Flat Top Aluminum Gate Larger pickets / rails - Built to Last!
1 1/4" x 1 3/8" rails + 8 metal suport ribs 3 5/8" spacing between pickets

Designed for easy installation

Ships direct to your home or business

100% Made in the USA

Gate Posts purchased separately
Heavy Duty Gate Hinges or Industrial Tru-Close hinges recommended for any gate width over 6 feet wide.  Tru-Close Hinges will require the purchase of our 2" x 2", 2.5" x 2.5", 3" x 3" or 4" x 4" gate post.  Gate Posts purchased separately.  Heavy Duty Gate Hinges can be used with our 4" x 4" gate post or attach to house, building, wall or column.

9 powder coat colors to choose from

Rust Free - Never Re-paint!
Gate width includes spacing for hinges

Hinges & Gate Locks packaged separately

Matching fence panels are available Matching double swing gates are available
Wider versions of this gate are available for driveways up to 15 feet wide

Download our Heavy Duty Gate Hinge Installation Sheet

Standard Gate Hinge dimensions


Commercial Aluminum Gate Smooth Top Style 4


Standard LokkLatch Gate Lock

LokkLatch Deluxe

LokkLatch Magnetic Architectural Gate Lock

Top Pull Magna Latch - Boca Swimming Pool Compliant


Bronze Satin Double Cylinder Gate Lock Box


Optional Double Channel Mid Rail for gate automation

Overseas transport to Hawaii, Alaska, The Bahamas, The Caribbean, St. Croix and Aruba can be made by the customer.
Lifetime warranty on workmanship, materials and paint finish guaranteed not to crack, peel, blister or rust!!

9 premium powdercoat colors to choose from!
9 premium powdercoat colors to choose from!
9 premium powdercoat colors to choose from!

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