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2 Rail
A fence panel and gate configuration whereby there are only two horizontal members (stringers) built into the panel or gate.  Not available on fencing over 4 feet high.  Our style 10 is available with only 2 rails and at 4 feet high meets the strictest codes in the country for child safety.

Diagram of an aluminum fence panel with only 2 horizontal rails

3 Rail
A fence panel and gate configuration whereby there are three horizontal members (stringers) built into the panel or gate.  Two of the rails are at or near the top of each panel or gate (depending on the gate style) and the 3rd stringer is at or near the bottom of each panel / gate (again, depending on the style). 

Diagram of a 3 horizontal rail / stringer fence panel

4 Rail
A fence panel and gate configuration whereby there are four horizontal members (stringers) built into the panel or gate.  All residential fence panels at six feet high automatically include this additional horizontal rail.  That's why you see a little bit of jump in price when reviewing the residential, five foot high 3-rail pricing vs. the residential six foot high 4-rail pricing.  This adding of an additional, fourth rail is also triggered in all industrial fence panels and gates at seven, eight, nine and ten foot heights.  The dog panel option, when selected, also triggers the adding of an additional horizontal rail.

Sample diagram of a 4 horizontal rail aluminum fence panel

4x4 Aluminum Post
Typically used in conjunction with our Heavy Duty Gate Hinges which is composed of a 4" x 4" plate for wider single gates up to 9 feet wide and wider double swing gates up to 18 feet wide.  For gates even wider than these, See:  6" x 6" Steel Posts

6x6 Steel Post
Our largest post which, unlike all of our other posts, is never prepunched.  You can use Straight Mount Brackets to connect fence panels to the opposite side or adjacent side of this post from where the Heavy Duty Gate Hinge Plate is mounted.  The 6" x 6" Steel Post is used in conjunction with our Heavy Duty Gate Hinge, which is composed of a 4" x 4" plate, for wider single gates up to 14 feet wide and wider double swing gates up to 28 feet wide. 


American Architectural Manufacturers Association.

Aluminum Alloy
A mixture of different metals where aluminum is the predominant ingredient.  Premium aluminum alloys are widely used in engineering structures and components where corrosion resistance is required.

Aluminum Railing
A separate product from our 3 grades of aluminum fencing gate systems.  For residential or commercial porches, decks and balconies.  9 premium colors and 4 designer top rails to choose from.  Our Signature Hand Railing product differs in that there is no "insert, set and forget".  Instead this product requires top and bottom mounts (2 rail) and/or top, middle and bottom mounts (3 rails).

Turns within a fence run or panels attaching to an existing structure where it is not a perpendicular connection.  See:  Angles

Aluminum Fence Angles & Curves --


A tool used to dig post holes.  Available in manual, gas and electric configurations.

Sample Picture of an Auger, a post hole digger

Automatic Gate Opener
A motorized arm which automates the opening the closing of many types of gates.  All of our gates are "gate operator" friendly.  We do not have to make any special configurations at the factory.  For more information, we recommend speaking to a 3rd party provider like MightyMule or LiftMaster.


Baked Enamel
Although still used by some aluminum fence manufacturers the reality is that baked enamel is old school.  Powder coat, which is what is used on GreatFence panels, posts, gates...etc., is twice the thickness and hardness of a baked enamel, making it (powder coat) more fade resistant, durable, long lasting and scratch resistant.

Ball Cap
An optional, decorative post cap which includes an ornamental ball on top.  Our ball caps are available in all 9 colors which includes four gorgeous satin colors.  See:  ball caps

optional Post Ball Caps --


Base Flange / Welded Plate
The flat bottom piece on a post enabling the post to be mounted on top of an existing surface.  2" x 2" posts with welded plates have a  4" x 4" x 1/4" metal plate with 4 pre-drilled holes.  2.5" x 2.5" posts with welded plates have a 6" x 6" metal plate with 4 pre-drilled holes.  3"  x 3" posts with welded plates have a 6" x 6" metal plate with 4 pre-drilled holes.  Anchor bolts are not included; purchase them locally based upon the type of material you are mounting your posts to.

Beveled Rail, Beveled-edge Rail
Most brands fabricate or purchase rail extrusions that have a plain square edge.  We put a lot more detail into our rails.  Each one is factory made here in the US with a unique bevel on the to side of the rail.  This special benefit is included automatically on every fence panel and gate shipped.

Blank Post
Unlike line posts, corner posts, end posts and t (3-way) posts, Blank Posts have no holes.  Typically used for stair-stepping fence panels on a hill or slope or making non-90 degree turns using swivel mounts. 
Angles, Hills

A nationwide, strict swimming pool fence code that many, but not all, jurisdictions follow when it comes to requirements for aluminum pool fencing.  The entire list of requirements originated in the attempt to make it difficult as possible for a child to enter a swimming pool area unattended by an adult.  See:  Pool Fence.

Bottom Rail
Simply the lowest horizontal (cross) rail on any fence panel or gate.  Bottom rails are said to be standard when the vertical pickets go through.  Bottom rails are said to be flush, like our Style 9, when this rail is at the very bottom of any panel or gate.  Style 3 panels / gates can be configured with a flush bottom rail; and this is typically done for swimming pool fence enclosures.  See: Pool Fence

There are basically 2 types of bottom rails:  Standard and Flush.  Styles 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 can be ordered with the bottom rail flush at no additional cost.  Style 4 and Style 9 are basically the same styles -- Style 4 having a standard bottom rail and Style 9 having a flush bottom rail.

Standard Bottom Rail vs. Flush Bottom Rail

Butterfly Scrolls
Also referred to here as Small Scrolls are optional, decorative, cast aluminum pieces that can be added to your aluminum fencing or gates.  Customize your products they way YOU want.  When any scrolls are chosen, they are first fabricated into the panel / gate (as it's made), then the entire piece is painted one of our 9 rust free colors.  See:  small scrolls

aluminum fence butterfly scrolls


Aluminum post caps which are included automatically with each post purchase.  Upgrade to our optional post ball caps or solar post lights.

Centered Welded Plate
A surface mount configuration whereby the post is centered, then welded onto the bottom of a post.  

Diagram of a post with a Centered Welded Plate

A term we use to describe the spacing that is between the bottom of your fence panel and/or gates....and the ground.  Clearance is important for many reasons:

     1.  A lot of people will ask us how far their posts need to go into the ground for "in ground" applications.  Well, that depends upon how much clearance you decide that you want for your fencing and gate system.  Let's say, for example, that you have a 48 inch high fencing and gate system that you are ordering.  The recommended length of the posts you will need for this configuration is 70 inches.  Therefore, if you have a 48 inch high fence/gate system and you decide on 2 inches of clearance (typical), then your posts will go into the ground approximately 20 inches.  One of the many benefits of our fencing and gate system design is that we do not need to what clearance you want;  you can decide this on-site after you have received your product shipment.

     2.  Clearance also comes into play when ordering Welded Plates for a surface mount application; that is, when you will be mounting posts on top of an existing surface (brick, composite, cement, wood) versus inserting and cementing them into the ground.  Each post product page on this website includes our easy Post Chart with minimum recommendations.  See:  aluminum posts

An existing vertical structure, typically made out of brick or stone, in which you plan to connect a fence panel or gate in lieu of using one of our posts.  See:  Our Posts vs. Your Posts

Commercial, Commercial Grade
One of the 3 levels/grades of aluminum fence and gate systems we offer.  The vertical pickets, horizontal rails and thickness (gauge) of the material all increase as you move from Residential to Commercial and Commercial to Industrial.  But there's more than just these 3 variables that differentiate our products from other brands.  See:  specifications

Core Drill
Similar to an in ground application, this term refers to drilling into an existing hard surface like cement for post installation.  See:  posts

Corner Post
A post that is pre-punched on 2 adjacent sides so that you can easily insert 2 fence panels at a 90 degree turn.  See: Corner Post

Aluminum Posts for Corners Diagram

Custom Gates
Gates openings (typically between 2 of your existing structures) that don't match up with our numerous, standard gate widths listed in the drop down menus of this website.  We fabricate, paint, package and ship non-standard gates all the time to home owners and businesses all over the United States.  All gate widths listed here at include and accommodate the spacing for the hinges.  So, a 48 inch wide gate is made to FIT a 48 inch wide opening.  See:  Custom Gates


Designer Arch
An optional, very decorative, gate configuration whereby during construction, a gorgeous arch is fabricated into the top horizontal rail (s) of any single-swing or driveway double swinggate.  Our most popular upgrade for our residential clientele, designer arches add height as you move to the middle of any single-swing or double-swing gate.  To order, you must first navigate to the standard version of the gate that you're interested in.  Then, simply customize by adding the Sunburst Arch (option) within the gate product page.  See:  Sunburst Arch

Sunburst Designer Arch option for all gates --


A sketch showing your fence runs along with approximate footage measurements and any gate locations.  Typically used for figuring out how many panels, posts and mounts you will need.

Daylight Opening Measurement.  See:  Custom Gates

Dog Panel
Also known as short pickets or puppy pickets, these are optional and fabricated directly into a fence panel or gate to keep small dogs in or other small animals out.  This is not a separate product that can be added on to fence panels and gates previously purchased from another manufacturer. See:  Dog Panel

Dog Panel / Short Pickets Add On option --


Drive Thru Gate
A gate consisting of two gate-leafs that open (swing) from the middle.  Often referred to as driveway gates or double swing gates.

Drop Rod
A long piece of middle with one, handle like, turn.  Automatically included with any Drive Thru gate purchase, this product allows you to open and stabilize one of the leafs on your gate.

Standard Drop Rod     LokkBolt


Easy Post Chart
Located on each and every post product page, this chart guides as to the length and type of post you will need based upon your fence panel / gate height AND the application type.  See:  Post Charts

End Post
A post that is pre-punched on one side of the post to start or end a fence run.  See:  End Post

Start End Aluminum Posts Diagram

Estate Gate U frame
Similar to an arched Drive Thru gate, the leafs are fabricated with a large, heavy duty frame on three sides of each gate leaf.  Additionally, a wave arch, which adds height to the gate, is also automatically included.  See:  Estate Gates

Exposed Vertical Picket fence panel / gate
In any grade, styles 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, and 8 are all fence panel and gate styles where some or all of the vertical pickets are exposed.


Fence Panel
At this is a product made up of vertical pickets and horizontal rails.  Posts are not automatically included.  You may purchase our pre-punched posts online or you can purchase our mounts if you're connecting our fence panels to your own square posts, columns, house, building or wall.  See:  Our Posts vs. Your Posts

Cast aluminum (not cheap plastic like many other companies carry) ornamental vertical picket top decorations.  It's a decorative upgrade to any panel or gate.  Decorative Finials can be chosen within the product page just prior to adding your product (s) to your shopping cart.  See:  Aluminum Fence Designs

Bottom part of a post used for surface mount applications -- i.e. where your post is mounted on top of an existing hard surface (vs cementing the post in ground).  We carry 2 types of flanges:  1) Deck Mount.  Which are available for 2" and 2.5" posts only.  The Deck Mount is not available for use with Style 3 with bottom rail lowered, Style 9 or Style 10 because the expansion bolt obstructs the bottom hole in our prepunched posts.  2)  Welded Plate.  Available for all post sizes and all fence panel and gate styles.  Unlike the Deck Mount which is a 2-piece configuration, the welded plate option involves a plate being welded onto the bottom of each post at our factory prior to powder coating.  The welded plated post is a 1-piece configuration.

Flat Cap / Plugged
An optional exposed vertical picket configuration for fence panels and gates (styles 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, and 8) whereby the very tops of the vertical pickets are flat and plugged. 

Diagram of one of our picket top options - Flat Picket Top Plugged

Flat top
A fence or gate style where the vertical pickets stop at the top rail.  Our styles 3, 4, 7 and 9 (both styles) are internally referred to "flat tops".  See:  aluminum fence styles

Flat Top Aluminum Fence Panel - Style 3 Flat Top Aluminum Fence Style 4

Flush Bottom
A fence panel or gate configuration where the bottom horizontal rail is lowered to the bottom of the vertical pickets.  See any Style 9 fence panel or gate.  Also, Style 3 can be configured on the website to have the bottom rail flush; this is typically done for Aluminum Pool Fence jurisdictions that require this for 54 inch high and higher fence barriers going around a swimming pool.  Technically, both of the styles below are known as:  "Flat Top, Flush Bottom."

Flush Bottom Aluminum Fence Panel - Style 9 with 3 rails Flush Bottom Aluminum Fence Style 9 with 2 rails
Style 9 Style 10

Freight Forwarder
A secondary transport used to deliver our products overseas.  For example, we do not ship direct to Hawaii; however, we have many Hawaiian customers.  Examples of actual freight forwarders would be Honolulu Freight Company in Montebello, CA or Hawaiian Express in La Mirada, CA. 

Frost Line
The frost line—also known as frost depth or freezing depth—is most commonly the depth to which the groundwater in soil is expected to freeze. The frost depth depends on the climatic conditions of an area, the heat transfer properties of the soil and adjacent materials, and on nearby heat sources.  Many Minnesota and Illinois customers, historically, have had frost line requirements for fence and gate barriers.  This requires them to order longer posts (for in-ground applications) than the minimum length(s) promulgated on the Post Charts page on this website.  See:  Post Charts


Gate Height
The actual height from the top of the picket to the bottom of the picket (styles 1, 2, 5, 6, and 8).  The top of the rail to the bottom of the picket (styles 4 and 7).  The top of the rail to the bottom of the bottom rail (style 9, both).  However, gates are welded into a frame on each side.  And, the side frames are approximately 2 inches longer than the height of the gate.  This is important if you plan to mount a gate on an existing column which has some type of cap.  In many situations, you can trim the frame on site but we recommend allowing for this extra length so that your installation goes smooth and fast!  All gate heights listed on our website do not include the length of the frame on each side.

Gate Opening
The distance between two existing structures (2 gate posts, house, building, column, wall).  ALL gate widths listed on our website equal the opening measurement... i.e. all gates listed on our website include the spacing needed for hinges.  So, a 20 foot wide Industrial Driveway Gate will fit into a 20 foot wide opening, from post to post.  The 2 gate-leafs that make up a 20 foot wide Industrial Driveway Gate will actually be less than 10 feet each because we have to accommodate spacing for the hinges.  Example:  if you are using 2 pairs of our Heavy Duty Gate Hinges with a 20 foot wide Industrial Driveway Gate (common), then each gate-leaf would be approximately 9 feet, 8 inches wide (actual width) because we subtract around 4 inches from each gate-leaf specifically for the Heavy Duty Gate Hinge.

Gate Operator
A motorized device used to automate the opening and closing of our single gates and double gates.  We do not sell gate operators; however, almost every gate operator available in the U.S. market will work with our gates.  We recommend MightyMule and LiftMaster; both are nationwide experts and have been around for many years.  Never order our Self Closing Hinges for a gate if you plan to automate the gate with an operator.

Gate Post
Two Gate Posts are typically needed for any single, arched, double or estate gate.  You can column mount our double gates and estate gates with our column mount hinges or, for openings wider than 12 feet, use our Heavy Duty Gate Hinges or Industrial Self Closing Gate Hinges.

Gate Width
All gate width sizes on this website equal the opening measurement form inside to inside of two structures or two posts.  For example, a 48" wide gate is fabricated to fit a 48" wide opening.  We subtract approximately 1/2" to 3/4" on each side of the gate to accommodate standard and self closing hinges on one side and the lock on the other.  Heavy Duty Gate Hinges require approximately 4 inches of spacing deducted.  The best way to remember this is that unlike gate heights which are pretty much actual heights, gate widths are the total opening measurement for which the gate will fit into.  This applies to all gates:  single gates, driveway gates and estate gates.  Compare this concept to Gate Height which is different.

Gate Upright, Gate Frame
The side posts fabricated into both opposite sides of any single gate or both sides of each leaf for our double-swing drive thru, driveway and estate gates.  Also known as the gate frame.  This is different than a fence panel which has no frame; however, fence panels serve a different function and fence panels have configurability options (racking for slopes) not available in gates.

Aluminum Gate Frame - illustration

Refers to the thickness of our metal fencing materials.  For example, when you see a post option that says 2" x 2" x .060", this means the post is 2" x 2" with a thickness of .060 inches.  Gauge also comes into play when differentiating the 3 levels/grades of aluminum fencing/gate barrier systems that we offer here at  See:  specifications

A type of powder coat finish where the product has a smooth finish and a little bit of a shine.  See:  colors

Refers to the three levels of our core aluminum fence and gate product offering:  Residential, Commercial, and Industrial.  We carry 3 different grades with the same 9 styles in each grade.  As you move up in grade, three variables are increased in size:  1) vertical pickets, 2) horizontal rails and 3) material thickness.


Heavy Duty Gate Hinge
Our strongest hinge, this product is composed of 3 parts:  1)  The receiver which is welded onto your gate at the factory, 2) The J-Bolt which is shipped unattached and 3) the 4" x 4" mounting plate.  See:  gate hinges

Heavy Duty Gate Hinge --


Heavy Rackable
A configuration metric for fence panels giving the panel the ability to rack for steep slopes and stairs. 

Horizontal Rail
Also referred to as the stringer or rail, is the rail.  This is the name for all the horizontal metal pieces which make up a fence panel or gate. 

Horizontal Swivel Mounts
An optional accessory item--a mount, which allows you mount fence panels to Blank Posts or an existing structure (house, column, building) so that you may accomplish angles (non-90 degree turns).  Use horizontal swivel mounts one one side of a blank post and straight mounts on the other side of the same blank post for medium angles.  Use horizontal swivel mounts on 2 sides of any blank post to make any (degree) angle that you need to make.  We do not need to know what degree of angle that you need.  See: Swivel Mounts, Angles

Horizontal Swivel Mounts - Sample Picture 1 Horizontal Swivel Mounts - Sample Picture 2


In ground
A term used to describe a traditional installation whereby your posts are cemented into the ground.  See: Posts

Industrial, Industrial Grade
One of the 3 levels/grades of aluminum fence and gate systems we offer.  The vertical pickets, horizontal rails and thickness (gauge) of the material all increase as you move from Commercial to Industrial.  But there's more than just these 3 variables that differentiate our products from other brands.  See:  specifications

Industrial Fence
Our premier, flagship fence and gate system.  With large 1" x 1" vertical pickets, our heaviest gauge material and extra metal ribbing support, Industrial Fence Panels are available up to 10 feet high.  Matching double swing gates are available for opening widths up to 28 feet wide.

Inlay, Designer Inlay
A custom, circular design (6 options available) plasma welded into any commercial or industrial gate.  A truly unique, personalized feature.  Additional fabrication time of 1 - 1 1/2 weeks above the standard 2 week lead time is required.  See:  inlay

Insert, Set and Forget
An installation procedure whereby the post is inserted into pre-punched holes in the post.  And, then you set the panel to post connection with matching colored, stainless steel TEK screws.  This makes for a tight connection that will not move.  It also enables almost anyone to install our fencing products (even home owners who have never installed a fence before).  See:  Installation


One part of the Heavy Duty Gate Hinge which consists of a "J" shaped piece of metal.  This part connects the bushing to the 4" x 4" plate on our Heavy Duty gate hinge.

Picture of the J-Bolt, part of the Heavy Duty Gate Hinge installation


Knocked Down
A term used to describe a panel that is shipped unassembled.  This is typical for smaller orders of 1 - 2 panels that need faster shipping.  Also known as "unassembled."  Call for details.

Kwik Fit Hinge
Also known as our column mount hinge.  Perfect for connecting any single swing gate up to 6 feet wide and any gate leaf of a double driveway gate or estate gate up to 12 feet wide.  Anything larger, really requires our Heavy Duty Gate Hinge (which can be column mounted or mounted only to our large 4" x 4" posts).  See:  Kwik Fit


Lead Time
The approximate time period needed from the date an order is placed until the order ships.  We're fast!  Most orders ship around 2 weeks from the date of order.  Custom orders, arched gate orders, welded plate orders may require a fee extra days during spring and summer.  Signature hand railing, designer inlays and customer orders all have a minimum lead time of 3 weeks.

Also known as a gate leaf; this is one half of a drive thru, driveway or estate gate.  These types of gates are made up of two gate-leafs that open from the middle.

Line Post
A post pre-punched on two opposite sides of the post so that it can accept two panels in a straight run.  Remember, we pre-punch all of your posts based upon your, specific fence panel configuration that you have chosen (height, style, number of horizontal rails...etc.).  See:  Line Posts

In Line Aluminum Posts Diagram

LokkLatch Gate Lock
A key-lockable gate lock here at which is included on all gate purchases.  This lock is not included when you upgrade to any of our optional gate locks.  See:  gate accessories.

LTL Freight
Less than truckload shipping or less than load (LTL) is the transportation of relatively small freight. The alternatives to LTL carriers are parcel carriers (ex, UPS / Fedex) or full truckload carriers.



Magna Latch
A special, child safety gate lock (required by BOCA for child safety swimming pool fencing) that can be installed on certain single (walk) gates, driveway gates and estate gates.  See:  Aluminum Pool Fence

Matte Finish (satin)
A non-glossy, textured powder coat paint finish.  Also referred to as a Satin (flat) paint finish.  4 of the 9 colors offered are matte finish, the other 5 colors are a smooth, Gloss.  See:  colors

Mill Finish
A non-painted fence panel, post or gate.


Non-90 degree turn
Also known as an angle or curve.  See:  Angles

A notch is made on the ends of the fence panel rails.  This is done so that you can insert the fence panel into our pre-punched line, corner, end and t (3-way) posts.  Notches are never made on gates because gates are welded into a frame you connect gate to posts with hinges.

Rail Notch for fence panels


Offset Welded Plate
An optional configuration whereby the post is not centered on the flange / base plate.  Instead, the post is welded on one side of the post.  Typically used with End Posts or Gate posts for fence runs or gates are installed flush next to an existing structure (house, column, building).  Remember, any time you add the "welded plate" option to your post, our factory will weld a plate the sticks out beyond the 4-sided post.  The offset welded plate option (unlike the standard centered version) will only stick out on 3 sides of the post (not 4).  This will enable you or the installer to push the post up (flush) next to a structure (house, building, wall or column). 

Diagram of an offset welded plate.

Old Dominion Freight
One of our national freight carriers which ships and delivers many of our orders to businesses and home owners all across the United States.  Most fencing and gate orders are shipped via freight carrier. 



Short for fence panel.  Consists of vertical pickets and horizontal rails.  Panels are never shipped with posts attached.  Posts are purchased separately on our website and ship in a different box.

An optional payment method for ordering on this secured, website.  The safer, easier way to pay

The boundary of a residential or commercial property.

Plate Cover
An optional accessory available for purchase at used to cover the welded plate added to posts for surface mount applications.

Pool Fence
Fence and gates with specific, child safety spacing features making it difficult for children to gain entrance into a swimming pool area unaccompanied by an adult.  See:  Aluminum Pool Fence

Powder Coat
A powder based painting application whereby powder is electrostatically applied and then is cured under heat to allow it to form a durable, rust free skin.  We use a very high 2604 powder coat painting process.  For more details, See:  colors

Pre-punched Posts
Posts which have holes pre-drilled into them during fabrication so that fence panels can later be inserted and set.  See:  posts

Pro Number
Also known as a tracking number.  Many freight carriers refer to the shipment tracking information as your "pro number."  This is important because every customer receives a Shipment Notification, after their order ships, which includes a pro number enabling the customer to directly schedule the delivery date with the freight carrier.

Puppy Pickets (short pickets)
See: Dog Panel


Quote form
A downloadable 2 page Adobe PDF file which speeds up the process of receiving a written quote.  Fax or email the completed form to us along with a hand drawn sketch showing your fence runs and gate location(s) with approximate footage measurements and gate opening width(s).


A service/process that we can do to some or all of your fence panels (not gates) in order to allow the fence panel to flex or "rack" more than the standard 5 inches per panel.  We are basically over-punching the holes where the vertical pickets go through the horizontal rails to allow the fence panel to have more room to flex or "rack" on-site during installation for a larger hill or slope (around 28 to 30 degree slope).  See: Hills

To shift or flex.  This term applies to our fence panels (not gates) which have the ability to be shifted on site to follow the contour of a slight slope, medium slope or steep slope or stairs.  The homeowner/business owner or installer has the ability to do this on site prior to installation.  Racking is but one of many benefits to using our products; we have a fencing system that gives you the ability to install our fence panels on a hill or slope.

Racking fence panels for hills slopes and stairs

Rail Strength Test
Independent Testing performed on the strength of our fence panels.  See:  rail strength

Removable Fence Panel
A way to order and install our fence panels so that they can be removed and re-installed.  See:  Removable Fence Panels

Residential, Residential Grade
One of the 3 levels/grades of aluminum fencing and gate systems available.  The vertical pickets, horizontal rails and thickness (gauge) of the material are the 3 distinguishing factors among all 3 grades.  But there's more than just these 3 variables that differentiate our products from other brands.  See:  specifications

Reverse Arch
Is a designer arch, reversed.  This type of arch loses height as you move towards the middle of the gate.  Add the designer arch to your gate and during checkout simply note in the Customer Notes text box that you want the arch reversed. 

Industrial Double Swing Driveway Gate Style 1 with Reverse Arch --


Rings, Rings of Distinction
Optional metal circles that are fabricated into some of our fence and gate styles.  See:  Rings.

Rubber Mallet
A required tool for installation.  The rubber mallet is necessary for all standard post cap and post call cap installation.  Our metal caps are strong and heavy, however, if you attempt to hammer post caps onto the posts, it is possible to crack and/or break these metal, powder coated products.  Always use a rubber mallet when installing our post caps and ball caps and gently tap center-straight down... and our caps will snap on to the top of each post.  See:  installation

Picture of a Rubber Mallet - required for post cap installation


Self-Closing Gate Hinge
An optional gate hinge; spring-loaded that will enable any single gate or double gate to automatically close.  Required for swimming pool fence in most US jurisdictions.  See: self-closing gate hinge

Self Locking
Some jurisdictions require that any gate you want to install must be self locking.  You must order one Magna Latch for any single gate or one Magna Latch for any double gate to make it "self locking."  None of our other gate locks are "self locking."

Single Gates
Gates that hinge off of 1 post, column, or building.  Single gates automatically include two standard gate hinges, hardware and a standard LokkLatch gate latch.  See:  aluminum gates

A type of fence panel installation on a hill or slope where you are connecting 2 fence panels to 1 post at different heights.  You must order longer posts than the minimum recommendation on our post charts.  Stair Stepping fence panels can be achieved with any of our standard version fence panels.  You must also order mounts because you will be mounting the panels to the post (instead of the typical "insert and set" method).  This procedure is required for Styles 7 & 8 for steep slopes as double picket (2x picket) fence styles do not have the ability to be heavy racked.  See: Hills.

Stair Stepping Fence Panels on a slope or hill

Standard Post Cap
A pyramid metal, powder coated post cap made of strong aluminum alloy.  Included for free with all post purchases.  Switched out when you upgrade to our post ball caps or solar lights.

Straight Mount
Used in lieu of a post to connect and set one (or both) end (s) of a fence panel to an existing structure.  Also used for stair-stepping fence panels on a hill.  See:  mounts

Sunburst Designer Arch
An optional gate (not fence panel) configuration whereby during the fabrication process we add a gorgeous arch to the top horizontal rail (s) of any single-swing, driveway or estate gate.  See:  arch


Are prepunched on 3 sides of a post, in advance for you, so that you can easily insert and set 3 panels perpendicular to one another.  See:  3-way Posts.

3 Way Aluminum Post Diagram

T & G Boards
Grooved, metal, powder coated privacy slats for our privacy panels and privacy gates.

Tensile Strength
A measurement of the force required to pull something, such as a structural beam, to the point where it breaks.  Our panels, gates and posts use a 6005-T5 aluminum alloy which has twice the tensile strength of 6063-T5 aluminum alloy which is commonly used by other online fence supply companies.  Don't settle for less.

Touch up paint
A small canister of paint available for purchase in Accessories, typically needed for fixing a couple of nicks made during the installation process. 

A twisting force that causes rotation.  Be careful when "setting" your panel-to-post connections; if you apply too much torque, you can strip the screw heads and/or damage the post.  See:  installation

"Trim to Fit"
All fence panels (any grade) can be quickly and easily cut down (the width) on-site to complete any particular fence run measurement that you have.  NOTE:  Single Gates and Driveway Double Gates cannot be modified on site.  Gates are welded into a frame; therefore, it's recommended that you start your installation with your gates or at least have your gate spacing (exact measurements) in mind when beginning the installation of any fence and gate system.


U Frame
A heavy, large frame (2" x 2", 2.5" x 2.5") enclosing the gate side frames / gate uprights (required on all gates), this additional support bracing is automatically fabricated into all single swing gates wider than 6 feet and double swing / driveway / estate gates wider than 12 feet.   This heavy duty frame runs along 3 sides of a leaf (like a "U") and vitiates the need for the antiquated diagonal brace used by so many other brands. 

Optional U-Frame for larger, wider gates --


UV Test
A test used to see the quality and durability of a paint finish.  See:  UV protection test


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Vertical Swivel Mounts
Special mounts required to connect heavily racked panels to each post.  This is important because typically home owners will only need pre-punched posts (line, corner, end, t); however, for very large steep hills, your heavily racked fence panels can only be connected to a post or structure using this accessory item.  See:  Vertical

Vertical Picket
All the vertical metal members that make up a fence panel.  For gates, it's the same except that gates include a welded gate frame on each side of the gate a couple of inches longer than the picket/gate height.

Vertical Picket Tops
Four optional picket tops to choose from:  Pressed Spear, Flat Cap / Plugged Top, Type A (Quad) Finial and Type B (Fleur-de-lis) Finial

4 Optional Picket Top Options to choose from for your Aluminum Fence and Gates



Welded Plate Post
An optional aluminum post configuration available here at whereby we fabricate a square piece of cast aluminum (flange) with 4 pre-drilled holes on the bottom of the post enabling you or your installed to surface mount the post.  See:  posts

Surface Mount Aluminum Posts with Welded Plate -- Built to Last! --

Wood Crating
Large single swing gates WIDER than 8 feet and double swing gates WIDER than 16 feet require us to wood crate the gates.  This is necessary in order to ship these large, ornamental items to you in the best condition possible.  We charge $125.00 for wood crating gates wider than 8 feet and $250.00 for gates wider than 14 feet.  These costs are built into the unit cost of each gate on this website.

Wood Crating Large Aluminum Gates and Sliding Gates All large cantilever gates and swing gates are wood crated.


YRC Freight
A national freight carrier which ships and delivers many of our orders to businesses and home owners all across the United States.  See: