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If you have high-value or high-traffic premises or areas, you want it to be as protected as possible. Industrial aluminum fencing is the strongest, toughest aluminum fencing around. It is the best choice around industrial premises such as warehouses, businesses and factories to help keep intruders at bay, boost safety and increase privacy. It is also the ideal option for areas of high traffic including around schools and hospitals, shopping malls, storage units, and airports. 

Here are five things to know about industrial aluminum fencing.

1. Industrial aluminum fencing is the gold standard

Industrial aluminum fencing is the heaviest aluminum fencing around, usually with the largest and thickest extrusions. It is often available in heights of up to 10 feet tall to give you optimum protection and security.

10 foot high industrial aluminum fence line posts

2. You can add extra security through the design

It may be the strongest and heaviest choice, but that does not mean it lacks in style. There is still a large array of style options available for industrial metal fencing because, after all, you still want your premises to look great and create a great first impression for visitors. 

In addition, there are certain designs you can choose that will further boost security. For example, a speared top design will help to deter intruders. The pointed style can prevent people from attempting to scale the fence to gain access to your property. Make sure you explore all the design options before committing to your new industrial metal fencing.

3. You can still DIY it

Despite the fact it is the strongest and sturdiest aluminum option out there, you can still DIY your industrial aluminum fence. Aluminum manages to be strong and durable yet simultaneously lightweight, meaning you can install it yourself without having to call in the professionals. This can help you and your business to save money on installation costs.

4. Industrial fencing is not just for high-traffic areas

Some people may want to consider industrial metal fencing for their residential property. Although commercial and residential aluminum fences are usually sufficient for most needs, some particularly high-value properties may want to consider industrial fencing. Check first that this will not breach any rules and regulations in force in your state or neighborhood. Thanks to its strength and security, some people may find that adding industrial-grade fencing to their property gives them much-needed peace of mind.

5. Industrial fencing will last for decades

Like all aluminum fencing, the industrial option is guaranteed to last for decades. Experts say it can last for as long as 50 years, if not more. This is because aluminum is a non-ferrous metal and does not react to moisture. Therefore, it does not rust or corrode and is not susceptible to weather conditions. This means an industrial aluminum fence is a minimal maintenance option, requiring little more than a cleaning once in a while. This allows you to spend more time growing your business or focusing on other areas of your enterprise, secure in the knowledge your property is as protected as possible. It also means it is a cost-effective option that pays dividends in the long term.