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Shipping Fees are available to you prior to purchase in your shopping cart.  Fence and gate orders are made-to-order and most ship in approximately 2 1/2 weeks.  Smaller orders for posts only or accessories ship much faster, maybe 1 week or less.  Custom orders may require an additional week.  A notification email is sent to every customer (nationwide) on the day your order ships along with tracking and scheduling information.  We strive to provide the best shipping rates to our customers and shipping fees are not a profit center for, Inc.  Shipping rates promulgated on this website are accurate.  Overseas transports to Hawaii, Alaska, Guam, St. Croix, Aruba, The Bahamas, The Caribbean and The Virgin Islands must be setup by the customer.  Send us a detailed materials list and we'll provide you with weights and measurements you'll need for setting up the overseas shipment.  Canadian orders can be picked up at any US address, any Old Dominion terminal address or any YRC Freight terminal address.

Free Shipping on selected orders:

if product total is
over $3,500.00
if product total is
over $5,000.00
Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma
Florida, Nebraska, Colorado, New Mexico
South Dakota, North Dakota


if product total is
over $7,000.00

Oregon, Washington State
California, Idaho, Nevada, Utah
Arizona, Wyoming, Montana

S. Carolina
N. Carolina
Rhode Island
New York
New Jersey
New Hampshire
Wash. D.C.
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Smaller orders for accessory items only ship in 3 - 5 business days via Fedex.  Signature Hand Railing orders, designer inlays, and large industrial gates typically require an additional week or so of fabrication time.  Aluminum fence panels are shipped to you approximately 6 panels to a box -- shrink wrapped, boxed and palletized with foam inserts and strapping.  Posts are packaged approximately 9 - 10 posts per box.  Gates, hardware and accessories are packaged separately.  Business owners with fork lifts can easily pull the pallets directly off the truck.  Home owners can simply tear open the shrink wrap and carry the boxes off the truck.  

If you're ordering for a residential delivery, and your home is on a narrow street with a dead end, we may not be able to deliver directly to your home.  Instead, you may be required to pick up your shipment at the nearest local terminal.  Freight trucks will not back end (reverse) to dead end streets for liability reasons.

The design of all of our fence panels and gates were updated in 2010.  The rail spacing and picket spacing were updated.  We now have a designer bevel in all horizontal rails and our Pressed Spear Picket Top is larger and has more detail than before.  None of our our current fence panels and gates will not match up with products purchased from us PRIOR to October 2010. 

Any visible damage on any of the boxes in your shipment must be notated on the delivery receipt.  We can't file a claim with the carrier without this.

You will receive a Shipment Notification by email after your order leaves our factory.  For freight deliveries (not Fedex), it is your responsibility to contact the carrier expeditiously and schedule your delivery date.  If you wait too long, you could incur storage fees.  We are not responsible for paying any storage fees.

Most fence and gate orders ship in 2 1/2 weeks.  Peak summertime, Large estate gates, hand railing, industrial security fencing/gates, privacy fencing/gate orders and custom orders ship around 3 - 3 1/2 weeks.

Our factory is closed on all national holidays; therefore, extra fabrication time will be required if your order is placed around national holidays.

Our fiscal year ends at the end of September each year and we are required to shut down our Michigan factory for 4 business days in early October of each year.  Therefore, additional fabrication time will be required if your order is placed around this time period. 

For freight deliveries (not Fedex), the truck drivers are not required to unload your shipment.  This is standard practice in the fencing/gate industry.  Therefore, it is imperative that you have 1 - 2 people on-site on the day of delivery.  Fence panels are typically packaged around 6 to a box.  Posts are typically packaged around 9 - 10 per their own box.  Gates are packaged separately.

We cannot fix or replace any mistakes on any order where the customer has already installed the product.

If you are not installing your products yourself, do not schedule any handymen or installers prior to receiving and inspecting your shipment.  Shipping times promulgated on our website can vary by several days and transit times can differ based upon the LTL route taken on any given shipment.  We are not responsible for lead time, shipping time or transit time variations.

We are not responsible for the rescheduling costs of your 3rd party installer under any circumstances.  Wait until after your order has been delivered and inventoried before you schedule an installer.

Please double check the Shipping Address that you have provided us and which is also listed near the top of your order confirmation / receipt.

Any change of address after your order has shipped will incur a $58.00 change of address fee required by the carrier.

Orders of 6 fence panels or more are shipped to you fully assembled.  Orders of 5 fence panels or less are shipped unassembled.  This is done because LTL Freight Shipping Fees have become very, very expensive for smaller orders that are too large to ship Fedex.  And we strive to provide you with the best shipping fee possible.  It's easy to assemble a couple of fence panels on-site and LTL freight shipping costs preclude shipping smaller orders, of large items, assembled.  However, if in addition to 5 fence panels you have a gate, then your entire order must ship LTL Freight.

It is your responsibility to inventory the items in your shipment within 21 days of your delivery date and contact us within that time frame regarding any issues with your order.  Our shipping carriers cannot process a claim after this time period. 

For fence panel and/or gate orders, make sure someone is on-site on the day of delivery; the freight carrier must have a signature for this delivery. 

If you haven't done so already, please download and review our Fence Installation Manual and other Installation Sheets on our website at:

All gate widths include and accommodate the spacing for hinges and lock. Always double check your gate measurements PRIOR to committing to your GATE POST placement. We are not responsible for incorrect post placement.

If you are not installing the products yourself (most of our customer do) and you are hiring a 3rd party for the install, do not schedule any installation dates until after you have received and inspected your shipment. 

We cannot fix or replace any mistakes on any order where the customer has already installed the product.

If you are having a 3rd party install your products, it's still your responsibility to inventory your entire shipment prior to transferring it to any 3rd party.  We take pictures of each and every order and will be happy to email you pictures of your order taken just prior to packaging.  We are not responsible for missing items on orders that are not in your control or possession.

Do not leave your shipment packages outside and/or in an un-attended area. 

It's your responsibility to schedule your delivery date with the carrier.  Any long delays could result in storage fees.

Alaskan, Hawaiian, Caribbean and other overseas orders must first ship to a US destination with secondary transport capabilities (example: VI Cargo in Miami, Florida).  Canadian customers typically ship to the nearest US border city and pickup OR you can ship to any US YRC Freight ( terminal or US Old Dominion Freight ( terminal near you for pickup.  Customers in the Michigan and surrounding areas have the option of picking up your order at our factory in Howell, Michigan.  Simply notate that you wish to pickup your order in the Customer Notes text box during checkout.  Your entire (100%) shipping fee will be refunded back to your credit card of PayPal account within 1 business day and we'll notify you when your order is ready for pickup.

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