Bronze is available in a smooth gloss with a shine and a textured, satin flat finish.  Both are extremely popular.  As you can see, below, gloss has a different look than satin and sunslight can also affect the overall motif.

Residential Style 3 with Type B Finials

Residential Fencing Style 3 in Bronze


Bronze Satin Arched Gate

Bronze Ornamental Gate Style 2 - Staggered Spears

Bronze Gloss Single Gate

Bronze Spear Top Aluminum Gate

Gorgeous Satin Bronze, Optional

S7 Double Picket Fencing in Bronze

Bronze Satin Double Cylinder Lock Box

Bronze Satin Double Cylinder Lock Box


Bronze Stair Railing

Bronze Stair Railing - Residential grade, Style 10


Bronze Estate Gates

Bronze Estate Gate with short pickets and finials

Bronze in direct sunlight

Bronze Single Aluminum Walk Gate - Style 7


Bronze Commercial Fencing

Commercial Style 4 Aluminum Fence in Bronze


Bronze Estate Gate with Sandwich Inlay

Custom Sandwich Letter Inlay -


Commercial Fence Style 4 - high traffic

Bronze Commercial High Traffic Fence Barrier


Industrial Walk Gate - Style 1

Industrial Walk Gate Style 1 in Bronze