Single Swing Gates

Single Swing Gates

Ornamental aluminum gates, for your home or business.  It's common for homeowners to mix and match large, industrial single gates along with residential fence panels. 

Secure your property with our lokklatch gate lock or upgrade to one of our other, optional gate locking devices. 

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up to 6 feet wide
up to 6 feet HIGH
up to 8 feet wide
up to 6 feet HIGH
up to 14 feet WIDE
up to 10 feet HIGH

Residential Aluminum Gates --

Commercial Aluminum Gates --

All aluminum gate widths include and accommodate the spacing for hinges and the lock.  So, for example, a 7 foot wide driveway gate will fit a 7 foot wide opening.  A 48 inch wide gate will fit within a 48 inch wide opening... from inside to inside of two gate posts.  Spacing is subtracted at our factory for the hinges and lock.

Standard hinges are included with all aluminum gates up to 6 feet wide.  These hinges allow the gate to only swing one way; however, you can decide which way they swing on-site during installation.  Rust Free, Easy Installation, Lifetime Warranty.

Industrial Driveway Gate


Large Black Industrial Aluminum Gate